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AS and A-Level government and politics resources thread

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    (Original post by Fofo)
    Sure, just pm me your e-mail address.
    You might just attach it in here, but okay, pm'ing it to you.
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    (Original post by SergioMZ)
    You might just attach it in here, but okay, pm'ing it to you.
    I've only just learnt how to attach documents.. shameful I know :rolleyes:

    There you go
    Attached Files
  3. File Type: docx jan 2010 unit 2.docx (13.3 KB, 1324 views)
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    US Gov and Politics Unit 4 Option C ....Anyone got a link to the papers from this summer or the mock papers for January, the Edexcel site says I need a log in....which I don't posses...:/ Please help a brother out, I'm revising for my retake but I could definitely use the latest papers to see which questions are likely to come up....Thans.
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    Anyone have AQA Unit 3A Past papers? From Jan & June 2010
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    (Original post by sineadx)
    anyone with the username rawwwwwr needs shot. bye. if your not going to help why comment.

    everyone else, actually i have found my notes. but theyre all mixed up! i cant actually remember the module name or whatever, but it was the first of the two if that makes sense.. about cabinet, committees, judicary etc? well yeah i ended up getting an A in the northern ireland module and a C in the british gov one.. so i would love some help from people who LIVE IN THE UK AND KNOW ALOT MORE ABOUT HOW THE GOV WORKS. thanks for those who helped, and for those who didn't.......bye.
    Hey, I may be able to help did CCEA Politics AS last year, i shall PM you
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    Has anyone got the mark scheme for this (Unit 5B June 2008) paper? Thanks in advance.
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    does anyone have this january's ocr gov pol exam (F853+ F855)? thanks
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    Does anyone have this january's gov pol past papers? Or know what the questions were about? Thanks in advance!
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    my tutor has shouted at me for wastign time and not having my notes doen for pol for today!

    so he has suggested to find some politics a2 USA past papers so he can make me templates

    BUT, i have looked here, i have looked on google?!


    please please please please please!

    I ma so stressed! i've been lookign since 1
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    have you tried the exam boards website?
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    Looks like you are going to have to ask your teacher to get them off the Edexcel website as you need a login for that. Sorry I can't be of much help. Someone might have them on here though, you'll have to wait and see.
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    it has past papers for every exam imaginable
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    (Original post by ilyking)

    it has past papers for every exam imaginable
    checked on there, it hasn't got teh year si needed
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    Hey, I really need some past papers for Government and Politics A/S level from both Unit 1 And Unit 2.
    If anyone has any, please could they post them as i havent been able to find any.

    Muchly Appreciated!
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    hey..i'm not actually taking ur subject but i do download past papers from &

    u could give it a try..may be useful. cheers and good luck. :-)
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    Hi all,
    I am looking for the markscheme for 5C, June 2003 (I know,ancient!) if anyone has it. I specifically need the marksheet on "Assess the power and significance of Congress". If some kind soul could PM it to me, it would be very gratefully received - the back has fallen off my dog-eared copy, but I set it for a mock!
    Many thanks!
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    I have searched everywhere :confused:but I can't find the past paper questions for UNIT 3 government and politics for AQA - the ones on US pressure groups, voting behaviour etc

    does anyone know them or where i can find them

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    Same as Fancytat, but for Edexcel. I can't find anywhere Unit 3 and Unit 4 past papers for A2 Politics Edexcel (Option C, US politics, 6GP03 and 6GP04). Exams are in a few weeks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    (Original post by SergioMZ)
    Same as Fancytat, but for Edexcel. I can't find anywhere Unit 3 and Unit 4 past papers for A2 Politics Edexcel (Option C, US politics, 6GP03 and 6GP04). Exams are in a few weeks, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    We can't give them to you as they are not available for public download. :no: Papers that are more than 12 months old should be avialble for public download though. The same applies to your Economics post.


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