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AS and A-Level maths, science and technology resources thread

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    Two of the physics files are to big too upload here-

    i ask for no rep--
    Attached Files
  2. File Type: pdf 6PH01_rms_jan2011.pdf (172.7 KB, 21173 views)
  3. File Type: pdf 6PH02_rms_jan2011.pdf (227.3 KB, 5123 views)
  4. File Type: pdf 6PH04_rms_jan2011.pdf (290.7 KB, 10412 views)
  5. File Type: pdf 6PH05_rms_jan2011.pdf (279.6 KB, 3843 views)
  6. File Type: pdf 6PH07_rms_jan2011.pdf (127.3 KB, 3955 views)
  7. File Type: pdf 6PH08_rms_jan2011.pdf (223.9 KB, 3541 views)
  8. File Type: pdf 6PH02_01_que_2011.pdf (201.9 KB, 1008 views)
  9. File Type: pdf 6PH04_01_que_2011.pdf (229.5 KB, 1391 views)
  10. File Type: pdf 6PH05_01_que_2011.pdf (188.6 KB, 755 views)
  11. File Type: pdf 6PH08_01_que_2011.pdf (157.0 KB, 700 views)
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    (Original post by mrozzi)
    any idea what the password is?
    Pm me-
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    dude can i hav the password for the grade boundaries file
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    dude can i hav the password for the grade boundaries file
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    (Original post by jonathan3909)
    Pm me-
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    are these the predicted ot true boundaries and hat is the password?
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    Why post the boundaries without listing the password in the thread, or even make the document pasword-protected in the first place?
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    So whats the pass
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    pleaseeeee what is the passwordd
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    Does anyone have the password for the grade boundaries, if you could pm or quote me it

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    is this some kinda tease...can we have the passwords pleasee
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    I don't think they are real the boundaries, I think it is a wind up
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    passssssssssswooorddd!!!! ???????????
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    Oh god, I don't remember the answers I gave. Trying to to answer them now and I seem to be getting them all wrong...
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    (Original post by cpdavis)
    I don't think they are real the boundaries, I think it is a wind up
    Me too. I decypted a little section of the document and got this:
    11. Consider the following equation:
    < IMAGE >< IMAGE >
    Calculate the percentage of iron in a sample of steel wire if 1.51 g of the wire was dissolved in excess of dilute sulphuric acid and the solution made up to 250 cm3 in a standard graduated

    I dont know if it is acutally really part of the document. I used an online service called deryptum and it got the little section of the document for free. If you want the full document decrypted you got to pay.
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    Someone plzzz send me the bloody password!!!!!!!
    Having a ****ing panic attack here mate!!!!!!
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    This are not the real grade boundaries. Grade boundaries are realeased tomorrow.
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    do you know when exactly???
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    they are out and they r high
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    can any 1 email me physics edexcel unit 1 jan 11 question paper [Mod edit: please don't post your email on the forum.]


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