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The Manchester City Society II

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    Thought Hart could have done better with the goal tbh.
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    It was a good goal.

    Decent enough result. I love AJ
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    Yeah it was, took a little flick of Toure I think but it was still a decent height for him. Maybe i'm being too critical, trying to slow down the media bandwagon, but I just thought it was a bit of a half-harted effort :dontknow:
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    Hope they learn something from it, if that was a knock out game it would've been a dreadful result. All it showed me was how crucial De Jong is and how much we need a classic number nine.

    But as Jim says decent result. I'd rather we won on Sunday than today.
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    I see no reason why RSC was left out of the squad in favour of Ade, tbh. If he can regain anything close to the form he showed at Blackburn then he's exactly what you need [in the system Mancini played tonight].

    But, imo, you need a left winger; funny that two left during the summer. Both would've thrived in the system played tonight. Tevez needs to be played through the centre, swapping with a LW at will, not playing mostly from the left. Toure looked good, though. And Johnson had a decent game.
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    Don't think he can Kev. Looks absolutely ****** whenever I've seen him and simply can't keep up with the play. Could do a job sitting in the box as we pump balls in but it'd be like 10 men outside of that.

    Balotelli I think will play that role and Kolarov will give us the width, just a shame they're injured.
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    Shouldn't Juventus have been awarded two penalties last night?

    Ref clearly a Man City fan. Poor taste.
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    No they shouldn't. (I didn't watch the match.)
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    (Original post by Jangrafess)
    No they shouldn't. (I didn't watch the match.)
    Two should have been given. They weren't = ref had a stinker and bottled numerous decisions.
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    (Original post by white_haired_wizard)
    Two should have been given. They weren't = ref had a stinker and bottled numerous decisions.
    Fair enough. I shall decide that you aren't wumming and be even happier with the result.

    I'm missing the Newcastle game on Sunday as I've entered a 5-a-side league. Damn. I think I'll be going without a season ticket this year tbh, it's not expensive but I'm doing way too much and I'd rather save the cash.
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    Tomorrow is a Silva day :coma: When Silva and AJ days coincide good things will happen.
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    Even if he turns out to be a massive flop, he's going to be worth it for the comedy alone.
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    (Original post by Christien)

    Even if he turns out to be a massive flop, he's going to be worth it for the comedy alone.
    He's a perfect fit with City, tbh.
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    Looking forward to a raping today
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    up the bum
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    We'll need to triple man mark Ameobi.
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    up the bum
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    Can't believe Ameobi is starting
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    he will score
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    De Jong is a bigger scrote than Mascher.


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Updated: October 19, 2015
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