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Self Studying Core 3

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    How would I go about doing this?
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    I did this (for C3-4, M1 and FP3)... I just worked through the textbook and did past exam papers afterwards.
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    Go through the book and do loads of questions. It's not too hard to self teach maths.
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    The Cambridge SMP books are really good.
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    (Original post by Webbykun)
    The Cambridge SMP books are really good.
    What are these books?
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    (Original post by toblerone93)
    What are these books?
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    Thanks. I am going to try these out.
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    Well they worked for me, I taught myself core 3 and 4 (well not quite finished with core 4 yet) over summer using them. I did a past paper in college under exam conditions and a teacher marked it and I got one mark off an A*. Not bad for a few weeks teaching myself out of those books.
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    i did this last summer...if youre on edexcel the course book is excellent (pearson one)


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