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Student Finance - still processing?

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    Just wondering if anyone else is still waiting on there student loan status? I did mine back in July and still havent heard anything. Would be good to have some money for freshers! thanks

    i did mine in august, and its still processing. im quite worried now :/

    I'm facing the same situation here at the moment, I've sent in the evidence weeks ago although when I called them up last week they said there was no record of any evidence being sent in (and that I should wait) - I have a feeling it has possibly been lost. Worst case is it takes up to "6 weeks" to process (which is way after the start of my uni, I have made an arrangement with them that I will pay at the end of this month), but even when its done there is no 100% guarantee that it will work out - so if it doesn't I will probably withdraw from university altogether.

    damn that sucks,

    not sure if i need to send evidence tbh! im going onto my third year (so already applied before), sware i didnt send anything in last year, and the student finance site says it is not waiting for any evidence from me. so in theory its all in my favour, but most people seem to be sending evidence, so im confused.

    if it takes upto 6 weeks then wheres my reply then... stupid finance people lol. i applied on 2/8/10, which is a day or 2 under 6 weeks. although tbf my parents didnt send in their stuff till a week later, so who knows whats going on. so ill give them a few more days before really panicing.

    my mate said they send you something and you need to sign and return it.... i dont remember any of this!


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Updated: September 13, 2010
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