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Why do people delete each other on Facebook?

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    People often perform a friend cull in order to get rid of annoying status updates or ones they don't give two ***** about cluttering up their news feed.
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    I lol'd at your myspace nostalgia. Anyways, can't wait for http://www.joindiaspora.com/
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    oh dear loool i didnt know anyone felt this strongly about this! I actually delete people pretty routinely because I keep thinking I know someone who's added me and realising that I actually don't, so I delete them. Also sometimes I delete people if they keep posting things which get on my nerves. Mainly though I'm protecting my own space, a lot of things about my life are visible on facebook and sometimes I just realise one of my 'friends' shouldn't really have access to it. I never thought of it as rude.
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    I dont delete people. If i know them then i'll add/accept their add. If i didnt want them on my friends list then i wouldnt add them in the first place. I add people who i have met and spoken to a few times, i find it's quite weird when people add me even though me met once and hardly spoke - although i do accept these requests so i dont seem rude. I'm not really the kind to put a lot of intimate detail on facebook. Just the occasional update about something i've seen or done.

    I deleted a guy and girl i went to school with because their virtual foreplay via status updates was pretty horrifying to me. I also delete people who update their statuses with OMFG LMFAO CNT BELIVE A JST BURNT MA LASAGNE WOT AM A GNA DO! Etc.
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    It's probably because you fill up their walls with your status updates. It's bloody annoying. Mine's filled by about five people (who I've had 2-3 chats with in real life and haven't seen in over a year) who insist on telling me every time they have a cup of tea, with a follow-up on how much they enjoyed said tea. I'm only there to monitor important things, or to keep up with real friends.
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    i delete people who annoy me - generally people from secondary school who i haven't seen/spoken to in over 4 years. no big deal.
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    I sometimes delete people who are not a part of my life anymore because I don't want some randomers being able to see my pictures, my wall conversations,... If I wouldn't want to tell someone about what I'd been up to over the weekend in real life, then why would I want them to be able to see/read it on Facebook?

    Also, I delete people when they annoy me; when they post an attention-seeking status every five minutes or whine about their love life all the time, or when they join racist groups. Again, if I would avoid these people in real life, then why wouldn't I avoid them on the internet?
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Why is it that on Facebook people always delete each other? Am I the only one who has noticed this? Just why do they do it? It was NEVER like this on Myspace.

    I admit that I'm not talking about proper friends, but we all have people on our Facebook "friends list" who we know in real life, see kind of regularly, but are not exactly friends...but why would they still delete you? Isn't that rude?

    Also, this doesn't happen often, but maybe once a year I make friends with a random person over Facebook and have really nice conversations with them. There was a guy who I had really nice conversations with for quite a bit like last year, and then I suddenly found out today that he deleted me as well. I don't know how long ago he deleted me, but I just find that so rude and it hurts me, because I actually really liked him.

    But apart from him, yes it bothers me when people I know in real life delete me. Just because we are not good friends and don't socialize in our spare time doesn't mean it's ok to delete each other...like we still see each other sometimes at school or around the place, etc. My daughter of my dads best friend deleted me too - I have only met her twice, and have had a conversation with her on Facebook once, but that is still quite bad to delete me considering that our dads are best friends. I also know she deleted my friend from her list too (who we both know).

    So can you guys tell me what is it about Facebook that leads to people deleting each other? It's not like these people have 5000 friends. When you have like 300 friends on Facebook why would you start deleting people even if you know them in real life? Myspace was never like this.
    If it's someone I dislike, I don't want them stalking my life. I use facebook as strictly friends only, with select exceptions. Hardly anyone has my facebook, and I don't accept people who I know that I'm not friends with. They're of no interest to me, I probably don't interest them. I also refuse to accept people just for numbers, I think it's pathetic how people think a number on an internet site boosts their social status.

    Also if someone is rude to me, I'm deffinately not accepting them. Just no point. People have a right to delete who they want. I even block people if they're that annoying.

    So if you're on my facebook anyone, be happy, means I like you.
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    I'm not trying to be rude or anything...but I often 'blitz' my friends list to get rid of people I don't talk to anymore. I hate it when people say "yeah you have 400 friends but you don't actually know any of them".
    There's a big group of people I went to junior school with on my facebook, they all added me, it seemed rude to say no, and sometimes it's interesting to find out what they're doing these days. But a few months later and about to go to uni...it seems a bit stupid considering I was never really friends with them in real life anyway, yet they're popping up on my news feed all the time.
    There are also loads of random 'internet' people on there who I've added at some point from forums etc, but we don't talk anymore and half the time I forget who they are...I don't want their birthdays coming up in my events and all the rest and I know we don't have any reason to speak anymore.

    I think that's the reason it didn't happen on myspace- at least when I used it, there wasn't a news feed, there were just bulletins which were easier to ignore. Plus adding someone was more of a considering decision because you actually had to go on their page.

    People from my high school have deleted me now we've left though, which I thought was a bit rude especially since I considered some of them to be friends. Sometimes I delete people from high school myself though...because knowing that the 'popular' ones from school can read my statuses makes me tailor them or sometimes not post them at all...it's nicer to just have your friends on there and be able to say what you want without people being sarcastic about it or whatever.
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    (Original post by didgeridoo12uk)
    if i dont speak to someone, then whats the point of having them on facebook? i'll happily delete them
    This, and also seeing updates from people I never speak to, and have no interest in, just clgos up my facebook. It takes me hours to wade through them all, and I especially can't stand the peopel who only write in text-speak.
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    I used to have people from secondary school that I never talked to: I deleted all of them. They were just friends of proximity, and nothing more. I did not find them interesting, and some of them weren't very nice people. I went from about 800 or 900 to 163. And I shall remove a few more.

    It's no big deal - it's just facebook.
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    Because they no longer like each other? Harsh break up, etc.
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    I'll delete someone for the following reasons:

    1. We've fallen out.
    2. They add me and then never speak to me.
    3. I realise that we were never really friends at all and said "hi" once.
    4. They clutter my main page with their statuses.
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    I'm going to have another clear out actually, currently 158, lets get it down by 20 or so.
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    What the hell OP. Why you give a ****?

    There's 800 people I see in my school each day. Do I have them all as friends because I see them? Erm no... Why the hell should I accept anyone, who I don't know, who I don't talk to, or who I don't like? Then again. I don't have many friends. However, because of my dashing good looks, I seem to get a lot more requests from girls than lads.
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    I don't want to see photos of or daily updates on people who I wouldn't had bothered to keep in contact with if facebook hadn't been there.
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    Wow because facebook is obviously the be all and end of life!!
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    A lot of people add random people on FB or accept many requests from people they don't know, and then feel the need to 'clean up' their friends list and status it

    I guess its because they don't talk to them
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    There's this one girl who I went to school with who added me and I accepted, then she added me again, so she must have deleted me. Then the other day, I noticed she had deleted me again... two days later, she's sent me a friend request! I've just left it pending now because it's getting pretty irritating. No idea why she's doing that. :s:


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