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Is it worth ditching friends for my GCSE's

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    Well my 'friends' are the kind who dont care about education as much as i do and they'll be happy with all C's but i wouldn't. when i retake an exam becuase i got a B the're always saying like ' ohh your really weird and your such a geek' i need motivation to Ditch them and concentrate on my education

    Year 11 and aiming for Straight A's
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    Sounds like you've made a decision. Only you can know whether it's worthwhile, really - you seem to value your education a lot and your 'friends' (your quotation marks, not mine!) less, so if you think the two can't happily coexist, it sounds like an easy decision to make to me.
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    Ha you don't have to ditch them. Try hard and accept the joking around from your friends.
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    Deffo. You can have friends at any time in your life, but you'll only get one shot at GCSEs, which are probably the most important thing you'll ever do.
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    You don't need to 'ditch' them. If they make a joke then it's a joke, you can still try hard and get good grades, while remaining friends with them. If they're decent they aren't gonna mind you revising instead of going out every once in a while.

    If they actually try to stop you (by purposely stopping you working) then yeah avoid them, but I doubt they'd do this, it'd be pretty hard for them to.

    If they don't want to hang around with you any more because you are working too much, that's them ditching you, just ignore them and move on because they aren't worth it.
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    Dude, you should have ditched them for your KS2s. Now, much of your long term potential has been lost.
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    then you'll use the same excuse for A levels

    then uni

    then work

    then you have no friends

    why cant you have both?
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    You can do well in your GCSE's and have friends. Obviously if your 'friends' don't seem to be worth it, then they aren't really friends to you, just people you know.
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    They're just joking around.. Just ignore it and do your work and they'll do theirs (If any).
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    (Original post by johnsmith1914)
    Well my 'friends' are the kind who dont care about education as much as i do and they'll be happy with all C's but i wouldn't. when i retake an exam becuase i got a B the're always saying like ' ohh your really weird and your such a geek' i need motivation to Ditch them and concentrate on my education

    Year 11 and aiming for Straight A's
    as harsh as it may seem, you have to do what you think is best for yourself and your future. if getting straight As are more important than your friends then focus on schoolwork. but ditching them may be a bit extreme. let them know that you want to focus on GCSEs and if they are true friends they will understand. but remember you don't want to end up alone. :no:
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    Don't ditch them, just don't spend as much time with them as usual or something? Like, make sure you devote time to studying. But don't just leave your friends, ffs. :lolwut:
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    well if they're getting Cs, they're hardly the type that are wagging school all the time and abusing any given substance at any given opportunity.... they're your friends and your education, whilst important, isn't confined to exist within the boundaries of the school. You shouldn't become a hermit to achieve an ideal, it doesn't always work out that way
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    jesus christ. Everyone who has posted before me has been completely baited. 1 post. Idiotic topic. Clearly bait. Use your brains people.
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    Tell them you need to REALLY focus and can't have that many distractions?
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    Just dump them. My friends were like yours so final year I kinda just didn't bother with them. Got my GCSE's and left. I'm now in 4th year of uni, while the majority of them have babies :|
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    You are who you associate with.During my A-levels I asked myself the same question.The thing is I was tactical about my answer.Instead of ditching my friends to focus solely on work or deciding to keep them to maintain loyalty I placed the thought with my friends of us being successful together whilst keeping a friendship.We revised together,still had fun doing so and not only did we all get the grades we wanted we matured and gained further loyalty and respect for one another.If your 'friends' aren't concerned as you are about succeeding and friendship,then my friend (no pun intended) they are not your real friends.
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    you can easily get straight As - or A*s - without ditching anyone.
    work in class. that's all thats needed for gcses.
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    Don't ditch them. What your friends are acheiving should bother you. They're not really a hinderance so you don't need to end your friendship with them.
    My friends are like that; my friend, Rachel, thought I was odd for revising for my RE exam because she didn't and got a D.
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    Don't ditch, just study more. :facepalm2:


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