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What was the last film you watched Mk. II

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    The Crazies 7/10
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    Spirited Away, 9/10
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    ghost rider 2: spirit of vengeance 3d

    loved it but only a few parts were 3d but 10/10
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    The Adventures of Tintin - (5.5/10)

    Fair enough, if you're a young child it's probably fantastic! But in a cinema full of university students, there are far too many facepalm moments to make this bearable. However, if you like very slow, predictable plots with some predictable and slapstick humour, then by all means this film's for you.

    On the plus side, the animation was absolutely fantastic. Haven't seen something that life-like in a while.
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    Kill Bill: Vol. 1, 8/10

    I love Quentin Tarantino's films, and it doesn't get any better than Kill Bill. In my opinion, it's perhaps his greatest work.
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    The Warrior.
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    Black Swan, finally. Wow is all I can say.

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    The muppets 7/10

    It is a great childrens movie with all the iconic muppet characters and a new charming one (walter)
    The songs and comedy are all perfect, especially the man or a muppet song.
    It falls short of a higher mark for me though for two reason
    1. Focused a little too much on the human characters without giving other characters their time to shine again
    2. It was all in all a childrens movie and as a childrens movie it would get 9/10 but for me some of the humour was a little immature
    I would have liked to have seen more waldorf and statler and The great gonzo
    But it is a great childrens movie
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    Ghostbusters (9/10)

    The name should just sell itself . We obtained the digital re-release of ghostbusters and I have to say it's pretty damn good in the high(er) quality. However, they still could have made it better and more aesthetically pleasing :yep:
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    No Strings Attached - 7/10
    Cyber Bullying - 9/10
    April Showers - 9/10
    Trust - 5/10

    I got half way through Session 9 but I couldn't really get into it. I will probably watch the end of it after the England vs Holland football match.
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    Happy Gilmore- 9/10
    You cant stop laughing
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    (Original post by Katharos703)
    Bullhead, though it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. A bit too slow
    Really man? No, really? I just watched it and quite frankly its going to stay on my mind for a while. What a film! It reminds me of Dave in mystic river. Have you seen that one? Did you find it slow too?
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    I actually don't know what words to use in order to convey the sheer awesomenes of this film.
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    In Time - 7.9/10.

    I quite enjoyed this movie. Justin Timberlake proves he's a pretty good actor.
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    (Original post by mali167)
    Really man? No, really? I just watched it and quite frankly its going to stay on my mind for a while. What a film! It reminds me of Dave in mystic river. Have you seen that one? Did you find it slow too?
    No I haven't seen it, maybe I should

    I wouldn't say bullhead was bad, but I expected a thriller maybe that's the reason ... It's more drama But quite good acting though
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    The Departed 9/10 Brilliant film, although I don't really like Matt Damon I thought he was pretty good in the film.
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    The Italian Job (1969), 7/10
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    Drive, 9/10
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    Brotherhood (Korean War movie) -- 9/10.

    One word for that film - EPIC
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    The Untouchables. 9/10.


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