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What was the last film you watched Mk. II

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    Kite runner 10/10 wish i read the book 1st loved it

    megan is missing *shudder* 10/10 for the shock and cringness but its very disturbing would give it 5/10
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    the tourist 10/10
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    ermmmm it was an indian one called 'janneman lets love again' or something...6/10

    but X-Men: First Class was brilliant...8.5/10
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    St. Trinians - 4/10

    Well I was bored....and it entertained me for an hour and a half...
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    'A lot like love' - found it on bbc iplayer the other night, don't usually like romcoms but it was alright. Plot was a little forced to begin with but it was alright for what it was - 5.5/10
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    3:10 to Yuma - 7/10
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    Anastasia (1956) Just saw it on tv 45 mins in, so can't comment overall. The people and costumes were beautiful. Loved it. However
    I was so annoyed that we never actually saw them running away or even kissing!

    Jane Eyre, the 90s one with Samantha Morton. Saw the first half a few times when I was younger, but never all the way through. Absolutely loved it! Turned into a wee fangirl over Rochester (completely not my type at all until now), cried all through the credits and had to bring my I Heart Poirot pillow downstairs to cheer me up Considering watching it again this afternoon, but wouldn't want to dilute Rochester's effect by too constant rewatching.

    (Also an hour and a bit of I Love You Philip Morris, liked that a lot too although their accents made me giggle a bit)
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    The Adjustment Bureau- Sort of like Bruce Almighty, had the chance of being an amazing film but falls well short.

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    Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hoole - 6/10

    Nice film was appropriate when hungover.
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    Inception 10/10
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    Zoolander - 4/10: didn't even finish it... Bored me.
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    The Other Guys (Extended Edition) - 8.5/10

    ****ing Hilarious, was in stitches within the first 20mins!!

    "I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly!" - LMAO
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    Shawshank redemption or Blood Diamond......both amazing movies
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    La maison du bonheur (2006); absolutely hilarious, laughs from start to finish. 8/10.
    Love Actually (2003); Brilliant British film, Grant dancing to 'Jump for my Love' was very funny. 8.5/10
    Notting Hill (1999); Excellent British film, I dare say it is my favourite British film 9/10.
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    Source Code - 7/10

    Wild Target - 8/10. Emily Blunt is perfection.
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    Fargo - 9/10 Forgotten how good this was.
    Clerks 2 - 3/10 Load of ****e, first one was so much better.
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    The Town - 8.5/10

    Iron Man 2 - 6/10
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    The Break Up Plan 1/10

    Why did I watch the whole damn thing...WHY?!
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    District 9.
    Completely underwhelming as far as I'm concerned.
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    Sucker Punch. Great movie and a brilliant soundtrack 8/10


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Updated: May 27, 2016
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