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what do guys think of girls who dont drink alcohol?

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    (Original post by The Referee)
    Wayhay, permanent designated driver?
    Thank you because all I had before this was..

    What do I think of a tea total girl? What DO I THINK of a tee total girl? Well I'll tell you what, I look at her and I think "well damn there's a tee-total girl right there.....urm.....Anon wants me to connect some sort of judgement of their personality to that...urm...I got nothing...urm...oh what's this!?"

    so yeah OP what she said. That's the only thing I can think about, also it means she can ensure I didn't try going into the wrong building on the way home.

    It's a positive trait for me, sometimes when I'm drinking I think "wow...I'm paying to consume a toxin..." then I think about society as a whole and the fact drinking seems to be the only social thing to do for most people and how pathetic we all are, Britain's one of the worst places for this.
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    Not a problem if a girl drinks or if she doesn't.

    In fact if you look at the two extremes (tee-total versus a binge-drinking mess every night being sick everywhere etc. etc.), then I know which I'd prefer

    Plus, as said above, a permanent designated driver is no bad thing :tongue:
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    I don't drink alcohol- don't like the taste of it, that is the only reason.

    I don't think you have to drink alcohol to be 'fun'...
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    (Original post by Miss_Scarlet)
    I don't drink alcohol- don't like the taste of it, that is the only reason.

    I don't think you have to drink alcohol to be 'fun'...
    Same here. I had one boyfriend who tried to get me to drink a bit but only socially... I had friends too that tried to make me. Sometimes they thought as me as a party pooper. But at least I remembered what happened that night!
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    (Original post by Miss_Scarlet)
    I don't drink alcohol- don't like the taste of it, that is the only reason.

    I don't think you have to drink alcohol to be 'fun'...

    Thats great to hear! Im the same, I dont drink because I dont like the taste. I thought ppl might think i'm boring cos of it, but i have a good time at parties despite not drinking
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    girls who dont drink is a big thumbs up from me- nothing worse than giggling chundery girls who have no self respect or dignity- a real lady doesnt do something as vulgar as this. people who feel they need to get drunk all the time to have fun are the boring ones- its antisocial if anything- how are you supposed to bond with someone if theyre not being their true self?
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    In all honesty I'd be a bit put off....it would give the impression of being boring/bland etc. Sorry if it sounds shallow but its my honest opinion.
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    lol, do you think anyone would actually be bothered if a girl didn't drink. certainly not me.... in fact it often looks kind of sluttish ect.

    Mind you, a girl tipsy is often fun, but never totally drunk.

    does it bother me if a girl dont drink. OF course NOT
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    I don't care if a girl drinks or not.

    I only drink on special occasions so I wouldn't be bothered by it.
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    she can drink my seman
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    hey, it doesn't matter what they think OP. If you don't want to drink, don't drink!
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    Drinking makes you fat so... drinkers please.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Do they think it good or do they like a girl who drinks abit when going out?
    I don't mind it.
    I have respect for them if anything.
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    (Original post by The Referee)
    Wayhay, permanent designated driver?
    Not if she's still got her provisional :lol:
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    dude alchol makes you chunder! thats totally bogus, not a rad look at all! if a guy wants to naff my panini real nasty rawdog in the car park he'd do better buying me chocs than beers anyhow
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    Agree with most people... sometimes I think people think you are boring or something if you don't drink or that you are trying to be all goody goody but often it is just cos someone isnt keen on the taste and would prefer a cola or something!
    I do sometimes wish I could have one glass of wine socially or something, but if I really dislike the taste (and let's face it, it isn't good for you anyway), it is a bit pointless.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with drinking, doesn't bother me if other people want to enjoy their alcohol. I think it is a shame though that some people get SO bladdered that they end their night being sick or dont remember the night.
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    If its between trashed and non drinking.
    then non drinking.

    Yay I like seeing the guy's reactions to this thread, as I don't drink and am also curious as to what they think. Thanks for posting this thread =)
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    I am 29, haven't had a drop of alcohol in my life, am straight edge (wiki it if you don't know what that means) and I am dying to
    get to know girls who don't drink. It's a huge plus and makes them really interesting; also shows that they don't give the flow,
    want to act responsible, like to stay in control and look after their health.
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    It doesn't matter at ALL if they drink or not. But...if the only reason they never even drink socially is cuz they're scared of 'the unknown', think they'll lose control, get raped - then I'd think they were a bit cowardly but I wouldn't simply judge based on this alone.

    Not liking it due to health/religion/fitness/taste issues would be perfectly understandable. You'd get plus points for sticking up for what u believe in.


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