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NUS Number?????

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    Hi All!
    I've registered at the uni and got my permanent id-card...
    But, at several websites, in order to avail student discounts, they ask for a 18-digit NUS number....
    There's only a 14 digit number above the barcode....also, my student number is only 9 digits...
    Which is the 18-digit NUS number? Do i need to register someplace else or get a different card?
    Help Please!!!
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    The National Union of Students card HAS an 18 digit code on the bottom next to nus no and there is no bar code on it, are you sure you are looking at the right card?

    EDIT, I've just re-read your post and your ID-Card IS NOT your NUS card, check that your uni has a student union and if it has apply to them to get your card.
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    whilst the leeds student card says nus on it there's a separate actual nus card u can get from reception in the union, or at least you could in freshers week!! it's a green one with a booklet attached!
    Liz x
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    Thank u very much guys!!!
    I'll go to the union tmrw and enquire....
    I thought that since the card has NUS on it, one of the numbers must be our NUS number...
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    Think they mite have stopped doin NUS cards now, not totally sure tho. But the place to acquire ure card will be where the cyber cafe is, above becketts bar
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    They were giving out NUS cards in the Student Union.
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    is there someway i can register online and then get the card?
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    Are you leeds Met? If so you have to register online - http://www.leedsmetsu.org.uk/clubs_SignUp.asp?unionid=3

    You can then collect a card, but you need a separate one with the full number on which they give you.

    If you're not at the met then I don't know. Sorry.
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    Think it is the met cos u dont get id cards at the UNI
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    i'd gone to the union now and got the NUS card....now, i gotta fill it up and register online....
    Thanks GUys....
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