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Adult Nursing Placements

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    Oh awesome No problem at all!
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    Hi RubyTuesday52

    I also have a conditional offer from Brookes to do Adult Nursing, and yesterday my final university got back to me, so I've now accepted Brookes as my firm!
    Are you doing degree or Diploma?
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    Hey just me again. wondering whether you had to have injections in order to do Occupational therapy and if so, did the university arrangew any jabs you were missing or do blood screening for things like HIV, Hep B, etc? xx
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    I seem to remember needing to provide a list of my previous vaccinations to Brookes and then being told what I still needed. You then get appointments at the John Radcliffe Hospital to make up any jabs you didnt have. I know a lot of people didn't have Hep B, I think the rule was you needed at least 1 hep B jab before you started placement in January. Theyd didn't check for HIV or anything though (I assume, I'm not HIV positive...) but yeah if you have any issues with vaccines they would help you out.
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    Hello my names amy im new to student room lol I saw you discussing placements im goin to oxford brookes in september to do adult nursing diploma. anyone else here going?? And anyone hu is been whats the course like thanks amy :-)
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    Hi guys,

    Brookes has a Facebook community which you might want to look at - it's at www.facebook.com/oxfordbrookes - has updates for freshers' across the summer, you can ask them questions direct and stuff. Thought it might be of interest!


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    Hello Amy and Heather,

    sorry I have took so long to get back to you guys...havn't checked the thread in a while!

    I am doing the degree and have applied for accommodation in Crescent Hall. Where have you two applied?

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    im doing adult nursing too x x
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    awesome which accommodation did u apply for? xxx
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    i got my accomodation few weeks back im in cheneyy xxx
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    hi guys, I have an interview offer on monday at brookes for adult nursing 2012, and I was just wondering, do you have to do a literacy/numeracy test? and what did the group interview consist of? any tips? thank youu
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    I've applied for brookes for sept 2012 adult branch I sent my application on the 1st december so still waiting to hear from any of my chosen unis, do you guys know how long it took for brookes to get in touch with you after applying? Good luck with the interview
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    Hiya, I start in September based at Ferndale, any adult nurse students prepared to give me an idea of what their placements were like? By this I mean which departments etc, just interested as to what you get to experience in your first year as I CANT WAIT!!!
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    (Original post by SusieS)
    hi guys, I have an interview offer on monday at brookes for adult nursing 2012, and I was just wondering, do you have to do a literacy/numeracy test? and what did the group interview consist of? any tips? thank youu
    Hi Susie, did you get a place?


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