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Will my EMA get backdated?

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    I sent off the Forms today. In the rules it said it can only be backdated if you send it in 28 days however its been 29!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I rang them and they said the government is more strict now. He said if the first day was an induction then it wont count, i think mine was a normal day.
    Does the 28 days include Sat/Sun or ....

    Any help will be appreciated

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    They usually backdate your money. I dont get it but my 2 mates get it and it was backdated for them. Last year, their stuff didnt get sorted untill half term as the ema people were a bit slow but they got all theirs backdated. It was the same for everyone on my course who got ema i believe.
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    I sent mine off a week or so ago and didn't get it for the induction day, but it still got back-dated for the three weeks after that, so I think if you speak to the finance support person in your college you should still get it. I would think it includes saturday and sunday but I'm not 100% sure.
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    :no: Probably not...
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    Tbh, i dont think ill get it anything i can do?
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    Be grateful that you're getting money you don't deserve in the first place.
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    Yes, you will definitely get it backdated. I know people who have left it as late as February and still had money for the entire year.
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    ^ I think the rules have changed maybe? I rang up EMA Support, they said it has to be with them within 28 days for it to be backdated, after that it wont get backdated.

    And to the guy who said be grateful, I am grateful? I have not recieved anything yet? Im just wondering if I could get it?
    You probably just dont get it lol:yep:
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    I got mine finally sorted at Christmas and EMA said they would backdate it so you should be fine (I didn't end up getting it because my sixth-form advisor is a cow)
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    I spoke to EMA lady at our school, she said it wont get backdated.


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Updated: October 9, 2010
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