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Do guys like female bums cause of the shape or what?

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    Im slim but my bum is perky but like a lads in a way. I have broad shoulders and a really narrow waist, I dont really have any hips so im like an inverted triangle shape. My bum is small and perky from the side but its not really shaped like a females. I just wanted to know do guys like womens bums because they are simply attached to a slim female or is it the shape of the bum that turns them on?
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    I like them because they remind me of my mother.
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    I like them big, round and curvy. I can't say why I like them. I just do.
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    Peeps like 'em jiggely, I know I do. :yep:
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    I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny.
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    (Original post by depresseduser)
    I like them big, round and curvy. I can't say why I like them. I just do.
    I couldn't say it any better.
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    It's because their blessed with a penis. The rest is just learnt socially, like big boobs, big ass = good even though it's just meat and fat.
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    It's not just because they're attached to a slim female (although being slim is usually a precursor to having a nice bum). For further reference check out Beyonce's ass. It is round and large (and yet her hips are not too wide) and is world-recognised as a leading ass.
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    so guys dont like small bums?
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    As long as it is not flat or fat it is good.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    so guys dont like small bums?
    Most guys don't care about size, just the shape.
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    I like big butts.

    EDIT: Aw it's already been done Basically a nice bum is good. Small, big, doesn't matter.
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    Because they look better than male bums.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    so guys dont like small bums?
    we prefer them big and with good shape.

    certainly if I see a big bummed woman when I'm out, I look at it, but not so much at a smaller bum.
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    Perky sounds flat to me.
    Full is :sogood:
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    I was waiting for an appointment the other day and this girl came up to the reception desk right in front of me. She was slim with this nice big arse, it was incredible. She kept leaning to one side so the shape stuck out and I couldn't help imagining her naked. When I was called for my appointment I had this huge boner and had to walk bent over so it didn't show.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    so guys dont like small bums?
    I prefer small bums
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    Anyway, all women's bums are beautiful in their own way. And that goes for the rest of women too, possibly.

    It's all about personality anyway. Obv
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Updated: May 13, 2013
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