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Do women find men smoking sexy?

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  • View Poll Results: Do you find men smoking sexy?
    I'm a man and wanted to see the results.

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    Right, we all agree that this is sexy.

    So how about a man smoking? Ladies, do you find that sexy?
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    Not in particular. At first glance it's a little bit of a turn-off for me, simply because I'm not a big fan of the smell of smoke (and second-hand smoke :sad:).

    Of course, the hotness of the man in question must be noted first
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    Yeah, I wouldnt find a man hotter just because he's smoking, in fact it would decrease his likeability in comparison to a non smoking man. However, a sexy man is just sexy at whatever he does, eg. Jude Law.
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    personally, yes. If I like someone, then find out they smoke I am always just that little bit more attracted to them. I have recently given up smoking so I should probably try to kick this particular quirk too :/
    But yeah, it probably depends woman to woman, how they feel about smoking to start with.
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    The chain of events from when a woman first sees a man who's smoking a cig:






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    It depends on how they look. I dont like guys who smoke though.
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    (Original post by The-Real-One)
    Right, we all agree that this is sexy.
    Really? When did this happen, because personally I'm struggling to decide which is the least sexy out of that, and blue waffle.
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    (Original post by The-Real-One)
    Right, we all agree that this is sexy.

    So how about a man smoking? Ladies, do you find that sexy?
    That cross necklace really highlights the best parts of her... Personality, eh?
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    One of the biggest turn offs :yep: for me
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    As I man, I find men smoking sexy.
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    Yeah, killing yourself slowly and me when I'm near you is totally a turn on :rollseyes:
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    I find it a turn off when a girl smokes. But I smoke. :hmmmm:
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    Purely on the basis of first impressions, I find it attractive (but I have always liked the smell of smoke.) I'm pretty sure it would get less sexy as time went on and the health problems started to kick in, though.
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    I dont :p:
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    Purely on the basis of first impressions, and when done with class, I do find it quite attractive. I'm pretty sure the sex appeal would wear off once the health problems started to kick in though.
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    Nope. I think it smells and I don't like kissing an ashtray.
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    Definetly not, I would find a guy smoking an immediate turn off, to the point I would completely lose interest the second i saw them pull a cigarette out. Smoking disgusts me slightly.
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    Can't say i care enough to take note, but probably not.


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Updated: January 14, 2011
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