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any one know the FLAT which may accept dog?

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    I have been stay in Sheffield and rent a flat which accpt my dog, lucky me.And now I move in LEEDS and cant find any FLAT could say 'yes' to my dog,my dog is a small nice poodle, I new in LEEDS, and have no idea where is the flat I am looking for , did anyone could give me some advice about this situation, the flat should be pet accept of course, and I am a student of LEEDS MET,should be better with short distance to the UNI, One bedroom is the best, to be honest I can pay some extra fees for my pet and I also need some property agencies with good feedback in LEEDS.

    thx guys

    have a look on Craigslist... they might have some. just make sure you check the 'pets allowed box' and make sure their description says yes to a dog. Also, when calling them up, specify you have a small poodle (I too have apoodle ) and tell them how shedding is little/to none. I would also mention sneakily you're a very clean person... hopefully thatll negate any bad associations with dogs. Maybe make sure your dog is stranger friendly too, and doesnt whine etc..
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Updated: October 19, 2010
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