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Pros and Cons of getting a dog

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    Cba to read all the replies.

    Pros- Quite loving and patient. I'm not bloody dog lady or anything but sometimes dogs are so much better than humans at times.
    Cute and cuddly (at least mine anyway)
    Provide you with company, entertainment, and general laughs
    It's proven to be good for your mental health

    Cons- Expensive. It's like having a child who will never get older. You have to pay for vets bills, food, emergencies, dog sitters/kennels when you go on holiday, toys and other random supplies, grooming if you want them to look and smell nice.
    Time Consuming- Depending on what type of dog you get you may have to walk them a couple of times a day, sometimes for hours. I got a small dog who needed minimal walking time but he still needs a walk at least every other day. Wet, cold, snow, wind. Whatever.
    You have to pick up their droppings.
    Spending time training them- They need to know things like sit, wait, down etc. They should come when you call them. You also have to TRY and train dogs not to steal food. Especially chocolate. They can't digest it and can get really sick.
    They're not on NHS so their vet bills can be really expensive. When you have an emergency you have to be willing to pay the vet as well. You have to take a lot of care of dogs, if you want them to live well.

    Choose your dog wisely. So research research research. Some are more expensive than others. Some may be harder work. Some may smell worse. etc

    I don't regret it and I doubt you would either. Just make sure you're financially capable and have the time needed for them.
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    If you get a husky, a big ******* one, it looks like you've tamed a small wolf and put it on a lead. Thus you look hardcore.
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    (Original post by Troubled_Student)
    If you get a husky, a big ******* one, it looks like you've tamed a small wolf and put it on a lead. Thus you look hardcore.
    lol -)

    But unfortunately I don't think dogs are compatible with most modern lifestyles... I don't think it's fair to leave a dog in on it's own all day - our family dog ended up going a bit mental when my parents split and it was home alone all day, it used to chew raw patches in it's own skin out of boredom.

    Cats otoh are obviously great about being left alone.
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    Pro: It's a dog.

    Con: It ***** everywhere
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    (Original post by mark.266)
    pros - they have a tight arse and big tongues

    cons - people might stare
    Why might people stare? :lolwut:
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    Surely it matters where you are in life? If you're at uni/about to go then dont get one - you wont be around it and your parents will end up looking after it - if you have your own place or whatever then get one, theyre cool
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    (Original post by davidmarsh01)
    Get a cat.
    she is my future wife... (your sig)

    can't beat a little woof woof tho
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    I think only girls think there are no pros for dogs tbf...
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    Lady dogs have periods ewwww
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    (Original post by T-Toe)
    Lady dogs have periods ewwww
    Get yer beeatch nutered or you'll have gentleman dogs howling outside your house and trying to dig their way in through the door all night.
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    (Original post by Joinedup)
    Get yer beeatch nutered or you'll have gentleman dogs howling outside your house and trying to dig their way in through the door all night.
    But that's interfering with the natural processes of life :rolleyes: lol

    I don't have a dog by the way
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    (Original post by Panda Bear)
    All this. Another con is that they like to chase me for no reason.
    oh yes i forgot that one! me too!
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    pros - force you to do exercise, fun to play with, good guard dogs (ish)

    cons - cost, hassle of finding a dog sitter when you go on holiday, or just want to go out for the whole day
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    To be honest, my only con, as a dog lover, is that they do require vet bills... and dont speak english :/

    But I love taking my dog out and training him.Sure I have to pick up his poo, but everyone has to clean the toilet someday?
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    you can take your dog on holiday with you now! most of the places let you take more than 1 and the dogs stay free! cheaper than kenels then...try it? we go alot to the caravans and we have been to a few places from this site...all good...some even do dog sitting and walking while your there! www.thepetsdirectory.co.uk
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    Con: It's not a cat.
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    (Original post by Angelus)
    Pro: It's not a cat.
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    - They're so god damn loving and helped me get over so many horrible days.Days so horrible that I used to cry all the time ( not PMS just other personal issues) and my dog would actually come to comfort me,lick my face and place his head on my lap and lick my hand at the same time.They're so amazing to sleep with and hug.They stand up for you no matter what.If anyone tries to attack me or anyone in my family ( verbally as well) he stands up for all of us.

    - They're very loyal and so loving :| I can go on and on about how amazing they are.

    - They're your friend for life.Best friend infact :-) They'll be with you when you're happy and sad.And when you're happy and if your dog is aware of it,he/she will get really hyper and it can get so much fun! Can make you even more happier!

    - Everyone in my family lost weight after we got our dog.Daily walks and playing with them really helps


    - Adopting a dog is almost like adopting a child.You really should be able to support them and provide them with the daily needs.Having worked at animal shelters I respect anyone who's up for adopting dogs since they're saving lives but you really need to be able to afford necessities like vaccinations,medical supplies and food.Never put a big dog in a tiny apartment.Smaller dogs are suitable for them though :-)

    - It really takes a lot of time training them so you have to be really patient.I had a horrible time picking up poop but I got used to it and finally he got trained.It gets pretty okay after a while.

    and one more thing...I've worked at Animal Shelters and after I've seen what they go through.I think one of the best things you can do is adopt and not buy your pets You're doing them a favor and the conditions they live in are so horrible.

    I honestly think getting a dog or any pet will be a great decision.It will a week or less to adapt to them but once they become a part of your life,living without them can get pretty hard and sad.


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