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Have you ever... *game*

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    Have you ever answered questions on TSR instead of creating a presentation:flute:
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    Have you ever eaten a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's instead of writing an essay?
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    Nope. Have eaten a whole tub before though :coma:

    Have you eaten an oyster before?
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    Have you ever ate something in a supermarket before you buy it and then put the wrapper in the trolley?
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    Yep, used to do it with all kinds of things. My brother and I couldn't resist eating some of the food as it was put in the trolley. xD

    Have you ever eaten your 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables?
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    Probably, at least once or twice.

    Have you ever fallen out of a window?
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    No... jumping out of one voluntarily doesn't count right? :ninja:

    Have you ever danced in the rain?
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    Who hasn't?

    Have you ever thrown yourself out of a window voluntarily?
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    Yes :ninja:

    Have you ever chewed 4 bubble gums at the same time? :yum:
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    Have you ever gone on TC to find there's no one there?
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    Yes :facepalm2:

    Have you spent hours trying to find the options for making a TC room password protected and have failed epicly?
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    Can't say I have.

    Go on TC.

    Have you ever sat nervously by the telephone waiting for a call you're not even sure is coming?
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    Nope. I stay away as far as I can from the phone in those situations

    Have you ever watched a Friends episode more than 5 times and are still watching it?
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    No, I dont like friends.

    Are you hosting the TC room?
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    Yes and no - is the room the one I've made - yes. Is it called futuredoc77 - no. :ninja: it's the other one

    Have you ever forgotten to mention "have you ever" in your question?
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    No lol

    Have you passed your driving test first time?
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    Yep! Only got 1 minor :proud:

    Have you ever woken up drunk? :cheers:
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    No. We're not all you :nothing:

    Have you ever had mango black pearls milk tea? :gah:
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    No :dontknow:

    Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex? :curious:
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    This is what it looks like
    I had one :gah:


    Have you ever sat there listening to someone else's crap music becaue you couldn't do anything about it? :grumble:
Updated: September 9, 2012
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