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Early childhood studies assignment help

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    Hello fellow room users. i have just started my 1st yr undergraduate on the early childhood studies degree. i have a couple of different assignments in different modules to complete and was hoping that you could perhaps help me with ideas/suggestions/referencing and general help. i will give as much information as possible as to what the teacher is asking of me... so please don't feel that my post is long.

    i will list the modules of which the assignment is given:
    the professional practitioner:[/
    U]my task is- Assignment One requires students to produce a written report reflecting on the importance of equal opportunities, the impact upon children and the ways anti-discriminatory practices can be promoted within settings.
    Assignment Two requires the student to reflect upon their own professional practice within relevant placement settings. This should consider their role within the professional environment and the impact of safeguarding upon their daily working life. This should demonstrate that they have met the requirements of appropriate professional practice students are required to submit a written reflective account.

    the learning outcomesfor this module are:
    1. Investigate the requirements for appropriate professional practice in relevant workplaces.
    2. Reflect upon the learning outcomes of their own experience
    3. Evaluate the impact of discriminatory practice on children
    4. Investigate the ways in which the needs of children and adults can be met through a range of anti-discriminatory practice.
    5. Evaluate the impact of safeguarding upon the individual and organisational practice

    [of which the 1st 2 is for assignment 1, and the other 3 for assignment 2}

    principles of learning

    the learning outcomes are:
    i.Explore relevant theories on learning
    ii. Relate learning theory to practice
    iii. Investigate research on learning including work on the brain, gender, ‘race’ and the environment.

    Case Study -
    • Students will present a brief case study of a learner. This is formative and non-assessed and will be discussed in the group to support the identification of key aspects and areas of learning theory to focus on. This will lead to the development of learning strategies to advance and enhance the learner’s learning.
    http://www.teachers.tv/videos/reception-1 (15min clip)
    from the clip, the child i choose in this video is jade to assess

    Case Study Analysis: Students will then write uptheir key findings in a longer and more detailed case study analysis which looks at how their knowledge of learning theories could support and enhance the learning of their chosen learner.

    Child develpment

    Students will research and present an essay on contemporary theories of attachment in childhood.
    Learning outcomes:
    . Review development of attachment in children. (assignment 1)
    2. Appreciate the personal and social development of children.
    3. Appraise the ecological influences on holistic development.
    (2+3 is assignment 2)

    workbased practise

    Module Learning Outcomes
    1. Show knowledge of the statutory requirements and skills which are necessary as part of the early years work force. (assignment 1)

    2. Reflect upon the learning outcomes of their own experiences (assignment 2)
    Assignment Remit
    Students are asked to devise a portfolio which is routed in work based practice.
    The portfolio should include:

     Evidence of 200 placement hours verified by the setting
     A minimum of 2 successful assessments of work based practice linked to the Common Core
     A minimum of 2 sets of aims and objectives verified by the setting – from the Professional Development Folder
     A minimum of 2 areas of learning verified by the setting – from the Professional Development Folder
     Evidence of work undertaken on placement – this could include routines, planning sheets, evaluations, observations etc.
     The ‘Completion Sheet’ from the Professional Development Folder

    In addition students are asked to submit a 500 word report on one aspect of the ‘assessment of work based practice’ sheet. The report should make links to your own practice and be underpinning by a range of relevant theory.

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    thanks very much, i shall have a look.
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    Hi, I was just wondering what unis you applied to for this course? And how you found the course overall?


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