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Most popular cigarette brands in the UK?'

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    We are having to do a market research project on cigarettes.
    I have tried to find out which are the most popular brands in the UK, but I'm still pretty confused.

    If someone is updated in this area could help it would be g8.
    Also for all smokers (no offence), could you tell me which one do you think has the best taste and value for money.

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    I smoke B&H Silver.

    Other ones people tend to like are Malboro Gold and Camel Blue.
    Dirty people tend to smoke Richmond and Mayfair.
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    L&B are pretty popular, then s'pose Marlboro as well.
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    blatantly Mayfair since they're cheapest.
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    Dirty people?! I'm Mayfair superkings.
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    b&h silver all da wai and sumtymz gold if i feel rich
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    Poll? I smoke Marlboro lights!
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    smokers go crawl into a hole and smoke there so it looks like the earth is smoking from space k?
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    My (non-smoker) observations:

    If you're poor or don't care; Mayfair.
    If you're a hipster; roll your own with GV.
    If you're nearly a hipster; Malboro.
    If you're a bit chavvy; Lambert & Butler.
    If you're over the age of 40; Benson & Hedges.
    If you're over the age of 60; Silk Cut.
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    The actual most popular UK cigarette was Lambert and Butler when i last checked a few years ago. Since the massive shift to lights and the fact every bastard smokes them, i think it's now Marlboro Lights. Marlboro as a brand has more market share worldwide than the subsequent top 4 combined.

    There are no 'best value for money' cigarettes in the UK, we're completely screwed by taxes here. 50g costs £12 here, in Belgium i got 400g for 15 Euros. At Gatwick duty free i got 400 Marlboro reds worked out at £2.50 a pack, in store it's £7 in some places and over £6 elsewhere.

    But the best taste? Aha! I tried practically all of them since i started smoking. The subsequent list are 'regulars', lights don't count as far as i'm concerned, so don't confuse Camel with Camel Blue (lights)!
    Marlboro, Pall Mall, lucky Strike (they're toasted!), Camel, L&M, Dunhill and American Spirit are my top brands. (I did try Londis own brand... never again)

    I usually smoke rolling tobacco though, and the UK market is pretty crap for that. If i do buy here it's usually american spirit or cutters choice, if i'm abroad then L&M, Pall Mall or Camel will suffice. I tried Top as well, that was pretty good
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    B&H Silvers !!
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    Kiddos, theres nothing cheap about Mayfair. £5.60 something for 20. Pall Mall are the cheapest around, £4.10 or something. Mayfair are mid priced.

    Most popular cigarettes are probably Regal, Marlboro, Mayfair, Lambert and Butler, B&H, Silk Cut, Sterling.

    Most popular rolling baccy is easily Golden Virginia, then Drum, Amber Leaf, Cutters Choice, Gold Leaf (cheapest).
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    I found on the net a study about most popular cigarettes brands. They say that judging by the sale volumes Marlboro, Winston and Camel are the most popular.
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    I dont smoke anymore, i physically cannot stand the taste of tobacco or the nicotine rush anymore, makes me sick everytime. Back when i could still stomach it, Lucky Strike was my favourite. Drum or yellow Golden Virginia were my favourite rolling tobaccos.
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    I sell them where I work and I have to admit we sell loads of;
    Richmond, Sterling, Marbrough Gold, Mayfair & also JPS
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    Malboro gold all the way.
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    All the chavs in my school smoke Richmond.
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    when i worked in a lil corner shop, L and B's and JPS were the most popular x
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    From working in a petrol station it was Richmond, Mayfair and Regal
Updated: June 20, 2015
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