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Ranking of hardest to easiest A Levels. what do you think?!?!

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    Double post
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    Subjective(pun intended); so quite pointless. Still:

    1st: Chemistry
    2nd: Latin
    3rd: History
    4th: English Lit

    17th or something: Politics
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    out of mine...

    chemistry...******* difficult
    biology...hard as I am self teaching and lots to remember...but not really that hard in content
    history...piece of piss
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    Chemistry, Physics/Languages, History/Maths

    People say english lit is hard but I find it ok
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    In my experience;
    Hardest ---> English Lit, Physics, Philosophy and Ethics, Further Maths, Maths ---> Easiest
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    (Original post by Mann18)
    You did the crappy Buddhism module too?

    There are only like 14 colleges in the whole country who do it.
    Says something about it

    RS (Pretty difficult)
    Biology (not that difficult)
    History (Not too difficult)

    English Language (Piss easy.)
    Yeah. It was interesting and some bits were easy but others were really hard. Which exam board did you do?
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    I think my subjects definatley rank in this order even though thier pretty similar,
    1.Product Design (hardest, just so much unexpected theory work)
    2.Business Studies (Not really difficult, it just gets boring)
    3.Media (not to bad)
    4.Fine Art (Easiest,though it has a demanding coursework load)
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    (Original post by MALIK HAMID)
    Sciences least useful, arts and design most useful! Are you fkin serious! What job are you gunna get with a ****** art degree, or even an English degree for the matter!?
    Look around you, everything material has been designed to be the way it is, by product designers. I'm sorry but i think it's also much more fun than other degrees. But that's just my opinion!
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    It's totally subjective, it depends if you are a maths/sciencey person if you gravitate towards humanities. From the subjects I take, in order of difficulty;
    English Literature
    Film Studies (which is a blessing of an A level, but it fits nicely with my other subjects)
    Of course, I can't include any others because I don't do anymore!
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    Your dad's the hardest and your mum's the easiest

    Oh wait...A-levels...
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    The hardest exams according to national polls are
    4)Classical civilisations
    5)Further Maths
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    make 'x' the subject of the formula...
    1/x + 1/y = 1/z
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    (Original post by EverLearningFool)
    Yeah. It was interesting and some bits were easy but others were really hard. Which exam board did you do?
    OCR, you?
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    This is incredibly subjective.
    I've seen a lot of people put down English Lit as the hardest, whilst I found that i needed to revise Psychology a lot more. Maths took the biscuit for me though.

    Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
    History, Geography, English Lit, Psychology and Languages.
    Sociology, Economics, English Lang + Lit and Philosophy (although Philosophy could be in the above bracket too)
    Music, Media, Business studies and RS.
    Government + Politics, Accounting and Art and Design.
    Photography and Film studies.

    No idea where ICT, Law and several others fit in, though.
    However as I obviously haven't studied every course, I'm relying on other students opinions, and who got what grade in what A-Level.
    Feel free to disagree.
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    (Original post by Sim188)
    Yeah but you can bet your bottom dollar the scientist would destroy it with his power stations etc.
    I'm hiring him/her ill tell him what to do. Scientists are actually fighting against so much environmental damage. People demand it. Scientist pave paths which people can choose to follow.:eek3:
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    (Original post by Destroyviruses)
    I'm hiring him/her ill tell him what to do. Scientists are actually fighting against so much environmental damage. People demand it. Scientist pave paths which people can choose to follow.:eek3:

    Lets just agree to disagree :shakehand:
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    Out of the subjects I do.
    In terms of hardest for me to get the best scores in exams:
    Further maths

    In terms of difficulty in understanding the concepts:

    How I think an average A level student would find them:
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    doing IB but

    Math HL
    Physics SL
    History SL
    English HL
    French HL
    Music SL

    I'm half-fluent in french though, and grade five piano which makes those subjects a whole lot easier
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    Out of the ones I've taken, hardest -> easiest

    1. Chemistry
    2. Further Maths
    3. Biology
    4. History
    5. Maths

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    First off would have been good if you submitted a list, i don't have time to search for all the subjects.

    But if ur talking mainly about a levels excusing NVQ and the rest of it.

    Further Maths
    Business studies and Sociology, history, geography (same)

    any others i would be listing as pure prejudice and would be pointless to say so. But general studies easist 100/100 /flex.

    But its very hard to rank certain a levels in dificulty you see. Because science subjects are more knowledge orientated and business, law, sociology are essay based and require skills that you learn from practicing essay's. I would say from my experience i personally find essay subjects harder as there is a smaller guarntee you will get it right. Where as science subjects it is more of do you know it or don't you know it.

    but the exception goes to maths which i think is the hardest a-level it really does require huge amounts of concentration and i find law also dificult because its learning lots of facts, some of which i hold no interest in which means i have to make them interesting in order for me to remember it...

    Maths is also interesting because some people find it a piece of piss and struggle with essay subjects because there is no subjectivity. From what iv hurd from people do maths and business studies. So to say someone is smart because they do maths is to say they are smart at maths and nothing else, though they can be smart at other things as well obviously and there is no reason thus to rank subjects as its entirely subjective.

    It all depends on the person in all honesty


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Updated: January 12, 2013
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