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    I've registered for U116 in Febrary. I'm still trying to sort out finance. i am not eligible for a fee waver, but as i live in Scotland i can recieve up to £500 a year from an ILA.

    I am still waiting for my registartion pack for the ILA, and the cut off date is the 12th of November, so i'm a little worried I'm not gonna make the Deadline.
    If I can't recieve the ILA in time, I will have to use the OUSBA service.

    Do you have to have a credit check before OUSBA will pay your fees?, cos I've got a little bit of bad credit from when I went a little crazy when i turned 18...

    It's still gonna be £83 a month, and I only recieve minimum wage in my employment. If i can't get the ILA or the OUSBA I'll not be able to afford the course.
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    As far as I know they don't - I don't have a brilliant credit rating and have had no probems with OUSBA.
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    They say on all the forms that they might credit check you. I've looked on my credit record after getting my ousba account though and have never had a search recorded by them. I've never heard of anyone being declined an ousba loan unless they've done something like got behind on an ousba agreement in the past, or owe the OU money.


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