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Funny / Weird Religions

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    Define "weird".
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    Pastafarianism is not a funny religion.
    May you all be blessed by his noodley appendages.

    If you want something genuinely interesting to look into for your assignment, look at LaVeyan Satanism.

    There's some really interesting ideas in there which I think people should take serious consideration to.
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    All of them.
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    Jedi religion.

    Someones probably gonna go "Christianity :mmm:" or something.
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    There's that one in Papua New Guinea where they worship Prince Philip, which is a little odd...
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    flying spaghetti monster, invisable pink unicorn, the maths religion of pythagoras where he put people to death who believed in sq no.s? just do it all on norse mythology as it's awesome. you will be converted.
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    LOL at scientology.
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    (Original post by stringgirl)
    Hey All,

    We have to do a non - exam religion course in 6th form, and our latest assignment is on world religions , does anybody know of any weird /' funny ones eg : The First Reformed Church Of Spongebob or the Church of the flying spaghetti monster ! :rolleyes:

    Thank You ,

    I have to do that too. Friend of mine began an argument with a nun about how Catholicism is a cult. Wish I'd been there.
    Anyway, take a major religion(maybe not Islam though, don't want someone to drive their car into your house(LOL)), and claim that it's a cult. And what's more, surprise everyone by having a pretty good basis for argument.
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    (Original post by Potally_Tissed)
    Define "weird".
    The more bizzare, the more laughs / weird glances it gets, the better:p:
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    Lol Jashinism - Sadomasochism rocks according to them
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    My answer to that would be probably be considered 'offensive'. :rolleyes:


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