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Students try 'Unplugged' experiment

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    Basically these students had to go without any technology for 24 hours...

    Quick video there.

    How would you guys cope?

    I'd end up terribly bored after about 5 minutes i reckon.
    And then probably get really far ahead on all my uni work...
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    It would be rather dull. The lack of music would be awful! Plus, I'm not sure how much university work I would get done, as a lot of my texts are online etc.

    I could try it. But, I don't think I'll bother lol.
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    I could do it if my bike was working.

    I'd just go out for a day long ride.
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    (Original post by MHorman)
    Basically these students had to go without any technology for 24 hours...

    Quick video there.

    How would you guys cope?

    I'd end up terribly bored after about 5 minutes i reckon.
    And then probably get really far ahead on all my uni work...
    It's winter right now, so I'd feel really bored. If it was summer though, I wouldn't actually mind that much.
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    Haha, I think I could do with that! I need to do a lot of reading, but I'll never get anything done if I carry on procrastinating on TSR!
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    I've gone way longer than that without any technology, so no big deal to me.
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    Would probably just read for the day...or go out with friends.
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    Wouldn't be too bad, provided that I had petrol in my car.

    Or would my car be considered technology?

    Ah, anyway, I have a bike.
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    I've done it before like when i've been on holiday or something but i don't reckon that counts.

    I'm thinking of doing it in the next week or so as an experiment. I will literally sign off at midnight one night and then as my phone is my alarm it would be used for that and then nothing else. I reckon it could be interesting and very good for the amount of work i get done. But it's the F1 from Korea this weekend so i can't do it then...
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    I do not see the big deal. It is only 24 hours. If it was a week, then yes, fair enough, but they're pathetic.
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    Not a big problem. Good chance to finish some of my books and relax!
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    Why has nobody yet suggested spending the day down the pub?
  13. Online

    So long as I had no way to access the technology I wouldn't be tempted.
    I'd probably be really bored unless I had something else to do all day.
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    Pretty sure a similar experiment was mentioned in my economics lecture this morning. Personally I think they're overreacting about 24 hours away - but any more than a few days would probably be pretty awkward for me.
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    I'd get loads of work done.
    If I went without it for a week I could write both my dissertations. :sexface:
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    I agree, 24 hours is nothing.. I've spent weeks at a time without really using too much technology, I actually quite liked it.
    Too much technocrack can make you feel a bit down
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    I might try no technology but my mobile phone for 2 days this half term to see if I get more productive things done.
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    It would be fine if I had good food and a good book.


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Updated: October 22, 2010
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