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What the hell do you wear with chinos?

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    I've recently bought some really nice beige chinos.

    Lovely, but i need a top right? I have shirts of different colours etc but some of them just dont go and im soo confused.

    I have some dark brown brogues to go with them, but as for the top and jacket i have NO idea.
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    Polo shirt, brown shoes
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    A shirt and blazer?
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    Polo shirt, brown shoes. Maybe a smart casual shirt, but not a T-shirt.

    Whatever you do, don't wear Jack Wills
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    Never jack wills, what shirt dark or light?

    Got the brown shoes already thanks. Need to get my hands on a dark(?) blazer...
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    Pale chinos are really only for the summer, at an event when shorts would be too casual. They're the kind of thing you wear to a garden party. Only ever wear them with brown shoes, a brown belt, and a tucked in shirt or polo shirt at a push. A plain smart sweater also looks acceptable. They're kind of restrictive I guess.
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    Shirt - (pink or blue) and sports jacket (preferably one with reinforced elbow patches) Brown shoes - broagues maybe? That's my standard way of dressing myself but I'm not exactly known for my sense of fashion.
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    Thanks guys
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    They slim leg ones? Roll em up at the bottoms, tan brogues, lighter denim shirt and a barbour quilted jacket.
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    Wear them with whatever the **** you like. That's what I do.
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    (Original post by jordz)
    Wear them with whatever the **** you like. That's what I do.

    idk if you're a boy or a girl, but i'm a boy and rock them with boat shoes a large white tee, a grey hoody and a 5 panel cap.

    you know my steeze
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    to my previous comment, i now realise the jake in your name.
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    (Original post by Clens)
    Polo shirt, brown shoes. Maybe a smart casual shirt, but not a T-shirt.

    Whatever you do, don't wear Jack Wills
    Why not? Jack Wills is epic.
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    What shoes ?? X
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    (Original post by jadebabe123)
    What shoes ?? X
    vans authentics go really well with chinos

    also chukka boots from topman are an option
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    Wait what socks do you wear with beige chino's :&
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    beige or brown socks obviously


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