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Liz Locke's Tits

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    Did anyone else know how bloody fantastic they are? I mean, for a skinny girl, they're bloody massive.

    10/10 Liz.
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    lulz, u realise that 95% of the internet is porn, right? xx
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    I honestly haven't noticed. But since we're on the topic, have you any evidence?
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    I felt like such a pervet typing 'Liz Locke breasts' in to google.

    Was kind of worth it though :teehee:
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    Why was she walking around with no shoes on? Ugh.
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    (Original post by Ladipidoo)
    Why was she walking around with no shoes on? Ugh.
    Yeah I noticed that as well. But it was only when she was is her shop.
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    ****ing tremendous shout, I've been banging on about these badboys for weeks and noody else seems to have noticed.
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    That bird's got it all. :coma:
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    In that purple dress :sogood:

    She is Happ-en-ing.
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    good call sir, good call indeed.
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    Oh dear, man up OP.
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    I think I'm having a crisis

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