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Would you rather...?

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    Hmmm hair everywhere could pretend to be a irl wookie..

    I'll go for bald (touch wood it doesn't happen)

    Would you rather give up TSR or facebook?
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    Facebook, obviously!

    Would you rather eat a mouldy apple core or drink a half cup of mouldy coffee?
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    :pinch: Well, since I like apples and despise coffee, I suppose I'd go for the mouldy apple core. :yucky:

    Would you rather be trusted by everyone in every single matter (serious responsibility), or not be trusted by anyone at all?
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    Trusted by everyone

    Would you rather travel to the past or the future?
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    the future, past's already happened once
    health, wealth or happiness?
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    Happiness. :yep: Health and wealth are as nothing without happiness.

    Would you rather know exactly what someone is thinking just by looking at them, or not?
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    good logic :yep:
    it'd come in handy sometimes but probably better not.
    few good friends or many aquaintances?
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    Since I'm already happy enough in the latter situation, I'll go with many acquaintances. :yep: I'm generally not a particularly sociable person anyway.

    Would you rather be able to go without sleep for as long as you liked (without any side-effects), or be able to send people (yourself included) to sleep at will? :mmm:
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    send others to sleep at will :giggle: be really handy for when people get annoying
    big city or rural village?
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    Rural village, definitely. :yep:

    Would you rather be able to turn invisible, or be able to fly? :daydreaming:
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    :angelwings: fly definitely would be sooo much quicker than the bus
    which would you rather?
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    Probably fly as well. :yep: Maybe I'd even be able to get over my fear of heights that way. :p:

    Would you rather remember absolutely everything, or be able to forget things at will?
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    Forget things at will, then I could remember what I wanted to :yep:

    Would you rather be able to function without any sleep at all (as in your body didn't need it) or not? :holmes:
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    :hmmmm: :yep: Although I sometimes have some very amusing dreams, sleep is often more of an inconvenience than anything else; it's something I'd be happy to be able to go without.

    Would you rather be deaf or blind? :s:
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    deaf, i'd hate to not be able to see anything
    would you rather have a job you hated or be unemployed?
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    Would you rather be a passive but abused slave or a brutal enslaver?
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    i'm pretty passive as it is, so i guess brutal enslaver it'd make a change
    would you rather eat chocolate or icecream?
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    (Original post by Peli-Pelican)
    i'm pretty passive as it is, so i guess brutal enslaver it'd make a change
    would you rather eat chocolate or icecream?
    Pahaha! xD

    To be honest I'd rather eat Ice-cream, I have completley gone off choccie! D; I don't know whats wrong with meee! xD I actually dont like it now.
    Bahh >;[

    Would you rather Lick cheesy toes, or eat dog ****. Pahah

    Grewsome >:P
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    Wait what??

    Lick cheesy toes :rolleyes:

    Would you rather date me or hate me
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    date you :hubba:
    just because i know that's going to freak you out :lol:

    love or normality?


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Updated: November 8, 2014
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