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i'm really desperate

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    i want to do medicine at uni
    i have done one hospital work experience and i have another one booked
    i have also done work experience at two gp pratice's
    and i have got some other stuff
    but i really want some wow factor to do with medicine in particuler research work (except the nuffiled bursary) that would be really great on my ucas and stuff...

    please please please can people help me
    and i would really appreciate it if you could tell what the quickest way of doing it is???

    thank you !!!
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    work hard for good grades and admission test. These two things are the only things which are gonna get you in.
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    i know that coz my parents keep reminding all day long

    its just that its sooo hard to get into medicine that i really want a wow factor like some sort of research work that nobody has done before and would make me look different

    after all they are looking for people who also have the foundation skills

    please help

    any type of extra thing that i can do
    even more work experience
    but i love research stuff and want to do some lab work

    would really appreciate any useful ideas

    Thank you!!
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    yeh manz gna get into med skewl init?
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    i dnt actually understand what u mean ???
    wot does 'ye manz' mean??

    i just want some research work oppurtunities!!!
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    i can;t think of much
    but maybe doing some volunteering
    or try to do a pre-med course
    that may help
    as for research opportunities , i have no idea
    try looking abroad for that sort of stuff
    in my opinion
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    (Original post by abdkam)
    i dnt actually understand what u mean ???
    wot does 'ye manz' mean??

    i just want some research work oppurtunities!!!
    I'm trying to get some with a Biomed degree... if you figure it out let me know

    Email a uni/research centre and try asking them could you volunteer or even watch some studies/lab work. I did see one at a cancer research lab advertised on a volunteer website so maybe try your local one for ideas. (That one I saw was a once-off and they said I could do it... but they moved it from Aberdeen to Cardiff, and if I could travel then the position was mine - I was so mad, so close :rolleyes: )
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    thanks... thanks sooo much!!!

    ill definately look for pre-med stuff

    but i just want to knw whether there are oppurtunities for a-level students to do research or lab work??????????????



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Updated: November 11, 2010
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