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Post your desk!

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    (Original post by Kash:))
    He already had pissed off, now you've quoted him he's gonna piss back
    Actually after I quoted I realised he's been banned......so maybe not :p:
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    (Original post by CookieDoughLove)
    Actually after I quoted I realised he's been banned......so maybe not :p:
    Awww, poor him :sad:
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    (Original post by JayEm)
    I have that lamp! Its crap, far too bright to be of any use.
    I thought that at first. When I looked at it, it made my eyes go funny so I turned it so that the LED's where facing the wall. Now it lights up my wall and I use the reflections to see things! Obviously not the best for when doing work or reading but just going on the laptop I find it fine

    I think it's very stylish too :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by CookieDoughLove)
    We have the same iPod :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by gummers)
    We have the same iPod :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by lonely14)
    I was wondering the same thing?

    explain people, why?
    Im suprised how many people have it too.
    I have 3 screens do edit photos, it makes life a hell of allot easier when taking info from the web and using word as well! no screen jumping!
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    (Original post by CookieDoughLove)
    Nice fan/heater combination.
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    (Original post by ABCI23)
    Nice fan/heater combination.
    Ha thanks! I can never get my room at a good temperature so I just chop and change between them :p:

    The heater makes me sleepy though, which isn't cool if I have a ton of work to do
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    Computer monitor next to TV. Yes, that is knitting on the right, I'm making Christmas presents.
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    (Original post by gummers)
    Here is my desk/s.. Quite messy!

    Ikea desk haha? I have the same one!
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    Here's mine. Bit messy, have to tidy if I want to work at it...

    Attached Images
  12. File Type: jpg IMG00146-20101118-2120.jpg (187.9 KB, 989 views)
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    (Original post by AHH95)

    My desk Got my iPod dock and my laptop, would usually have my xbox at the side as well but got the red rings and it was out of warranty, so I have to save my monies for a new one
    even outside the extended warranty? You are aware it was extended for that specific problem?

    They sent me a new one when I got that
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    Mine when it's tidy:

    Attached Images
  15. File Type: jpg IMAG0047.jpg (177.9 KB, 1105 views)
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    rather small and simple but gets the job done games on shelf in corner and yes, a cup matt thingy as i hate things condensing onto the desk and rather dusty

    Due to file size, links instead http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4838751/DSC01235.JPG
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    Ages old, but nothings changed ( apart from its a LOT messier now :x)
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    (Original post by Evanesyne)

    LOL, bad, I know. Got lots to do this week so can't be arsed to do some tidying. Normally, there's just the computer screen and the printer on the desk and nothing else. I can be both extremes
    Labyrinth finished reading that a while ago, not an overly bad book just thought i'd comment on it :P
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    Aw, I don't have a desk...I just sit on my bed :p:
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    Hmm my laptop screen looks really dirty from here :erm:

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    Mine isn't very exciting!

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    (Original post by lolimemma)
    Mine isn't very exciting!



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