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Access courses

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    Excellent idea to have this sub-forum for mature students!

    So is anyone doing an access course? I'm in the first year of a science access course and I am really enjoying it so far. The course is completed over 2 years.
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    (Original post by JayUK)
    Excellent idea to have this sub-forum for mature students!

    So is anyone doing an access course? I'm in the first year of a science access course and I am really enjoying it so far. The course is completed over 2 years.
    hi, i just finished my course this year and i have now started at university, i think the access course is one of the bet idea for mature students looking to enhance their knowledge or like me are looking for a change in career
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    Hi, I'm 27 and am doing a science access course at the moment in Manchester.

    I was just wondering how seriously Universities take students with Access qualifications. I want to study Human Physiology next year and was wondering which uni's to apply for. Apparently Manchester are offering a £2000 grant for access students this year!
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    Uni's take access very seriously. You can get into all top uni's with it, including oxbridge, but you might need to do some extra modules/A level on top eg if you want to do maths at a top uni, they'd probably want A level maths on top of access.
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    Cheers for that. I might try my luck with Manchester then....
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    It depends on the subject you want to study at university as to whether they accept the specific access course you are doing. Therefore, if you're doing access to get into a specific course or into a certain uni, it's worth checking with them which ones they prefer before committing yourself to the access route.

    This becomes painfully obvious (painfully being the right word) when it comes to subjects like medicine. Not all med schools take access, and those who do only consider a very small, predefined list of access course providers.
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    Yeah the courses differ, some specialise. The one in my area doesnt specialise, so one of my friends is having to do access plus Chem A level in order to do pharmacy...check the website and email admissions if unsure.
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    I'm looking to do Human Physiology with biological science next year and I'm already on the access course so I'll just have to wait and see I guess... ..
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    I did the Access course last year and it was well worth it, even though I didn't want to do Access to Humanities. But it got me into the sociology course I wanted

    It's equivalent to 3 A-levels as I understand? So I guess it’s extra work but as I said it pays off. Good luck!
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    I'm currently doing a one-year Access Humanities and Social Science course. My mate did it last year and I was pretty shocked that such courses existed. I'm very happy to be back in education; I find myself thinking clearer now.

    Hail Access!


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