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The hypocrisy of religion

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    (Original post by lonely14)

    I suck at religion . So I would rather not say.

    I read something like evolution is generally accepted in Islam, but only for organisms other than humans. Humans were specifically created by God and they are not evolved from monkeys, etc. :dontknow:
    You do realise evolution doesn't state humans evolved from monkeys? That's a common misconception.

    **Humans did not evolve from monkeys. Humans are more closely related to modern apes than to monkeys, but we didn't evolve from apes, either. Humans share a common ancestor with modern African apes, like gorillas and chimpanzees. Scientists believe this common ancestor existed 5 to 8 million years ago. Shortly thereafter, the species diverged into two separate lineages. One of these lineages ultimately evolved into gorillas and chimps, and the other evolved into early human ancestors called hominids.
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    (Original post by BrinnyUnlimited)
    So, it seems that quite a few of the religious masses like to mock science at every oppurtunity. They call Darwin a fraud and aim the criticism of "playing God" to any Scientist who dares do any research relating to altering Human or animal life.

    It seems strange then that so many religious people take benefit from the fruits of science's labour. They pop pills when they're feeling ill, get rushed to Hospital when they're struck down by some illness or disease and generally have a far higher standard of living than say Jesus or Mohammed would have had, all thanks to Science.

    Why do they not trust their fate to God? Surely he has the power to cure you if he deems that you should live longer. Surely, even if you are unfortunate to die on this plane of existance, you get to chill out in eternity in Heaven anyway. What need do you have for medicine? It seems like you're edging your bets somewhat.

    I suppose a similar scenario would be if an atheist secretly went to church and prayed to God every night, just in case religion turned out to be right.

    What are your thoughts on this?
    "Many" religions? You've named two, and there are far more than that in the world. This post is rather crap. I give you 2/10.

    I don't know any religion that mocks science either, I do know religious people who do, but that's nothing to do with the religion itself. Silly OP.
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