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Why do people hate body hair on women?

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    Never really understood it.

    I used to go along with the whole thing in my younger years (when I fretted endlessly about other people's opinions and was hideously insecure), but have now abandoned the ritual of shaving because I don't really see the point.

    Anyone got an answer?
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    when they've got more hair than you though thats when theres a problem

    dont go for the full-on gorilla look
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    Because that's the way it works. Men have to have body hair, women can't, capiche? Only light arm hair is fine, I don't mind it personally. Legs, armpits etc. have to be shaved though.
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    Maybe because having (excessive) body hair is associated with masculinity? It's like asking why a man with no body hair is unattractive.
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    im a woman and i just cant stand body hair! if i let myself *grow* for even a few days i start to feel icky and itchy all over, it's just far more comfortable when youre silky smoothe
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    Usually because it looks 'manly'.

    You get loads of women with body hair in the south of France though.


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