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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    I wouldn't panic just yet. The post didn't give any evidence that the scheme is to be dramatically scaled back, and it's still running this year, admittedly with far fewer posts than in previous years.
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    Does anyone know if it is today we are supposed to hear?
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    I guess it will be sometime this week. Though the councils did say we hear from the NGDP and not them.

    *Just phoned Clare too, at the time of writing she's waiting to hear back on a few more councils and she'll contact us in the next few days! Good Luck everyone!
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    Has anyone else received news yet? Clare emailed me yesterday afternoon to say that I had been accepted by London Borough of Bexley, which I am obviously extremely happy with as I was very impressed following the interview day (and London was my first choice).
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    Congratulations Crunchie! I also received an e-mail yesterday saying I'd been offered a position with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. My first choice too so incredibly happy and excited, but keep being distracted from work by looking up London housing websites etc!
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    Likewise, congrats! I am also looking up somewhere to live! I have never lived in London so it is going to be a big step, but something I am really looking forward to. I guess the next stage (assuming references are given the OK and everything else is finalised) is to attend the NGDP induction in autumn?
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    (Original post by Sicarius88)
    A really interesting blog post and comments about the past, present and future of the ngdp at the welovelocalgovernment website.

    Not really ideal to hear the scheme is to be "dramatically scaled back" when you've just returned from only an ok interview day! Has anyone else heard further details?
    Shouldn't really affect you too much, just us poor unfortunates graduating next year and who had an interest in the scheme Bloody recession.
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    I also received an e-mail yesterday offering me a place. For both councils that I interviewed for actually which was a major surprise. Trying to decide between them now. I reckon the scheme will run again next year but with relatively few places on offer again.
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    I got an offer from the authority I wanted, so I am delighted about that. Congrats to everybody who has got offers!
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    Suprisingly got two offers, so have got a few days of hard contemplation ahead!

    Congrats to everyone else who got offers!!!!!

    Wondered if anyone has heard about the academic development side? Have the Warwick Business School been confirmed as providers again?
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    I don't think I got any of my interviews which is gutting, instead I could be a '1st Reserve' candidate, whatever that means. Still I should be optimistic about tomorrow...
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    I didn't get a place at my first and only authority :-( Totally gutted. Congratulations to those who got through!
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    /for those that got a place, does anyone know how long the period is to decide on your LA? I'm an unfortunate soul who "may only be a 1st reserve candidate", just have to wait for someone to decide I guess. Hope they don't choose my LA!!
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    The email didn't give any specific deadline just ASAP. There was also some suggestion that if you got offered one, you could wait to find out if the other one became available so I imagine this would just slow things down more. Par for the course I suppose!
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    Hopefully find out by October then!!
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    Again I rung up Claire who said that we may be able to re-pick in June as to see whether or not we maybe reserves candidates. She did also say we'd be able to go to a feedback session, not sure when that is, but sounds good that they'd offer one. So from what she told me, the next phase for us 'reserve' will be mid-june, if not then we bypass all this and go straight to interviews next year as deferrals.
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    I was under the impression they'd tell us if we did or didn't get the place, but I haven't had any feedback from them at all after two interviews back at the start of the month. Does anyone know if we'd definitely hear one way or the other?
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    For those of you who have got a place, are any of you currently in employment. My LA is requesting references now, and I am worried my current employer will not be best pleased I plan to leave in October. Please tell me I'm not the only one? What are your thoughts on this?
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    I'm new to here, but i got a place on the ngdp this year, and I've just created a "page" on facebook for the ngdp cohort 13 people. It woudn't let me create a group! So join if you fancy it, it'd be good to get to know others before we start!

    Also, if anyone is any better at facebook than me (which is probably everyone), feel free to do something better!
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    Hi! I'm new to here too. I have just emailed Ami Beeton from the NGDP team- Did others realise that we no longer have any training with Warwick Uni, such as a diploma? Ami said she is 'currently investigating with Warwick and other universities the possibility of NMTs joining a post grad programme but this would have to be funded by either yourselves or your local authority. You may wish to speak to some of Cohort 11 and 12 about the usefulness of the diploma to get an idea of what elements you think would be most beneficial'.
    If I have a convo with Ami, and people from previous Cohorts, would any other NMTs in Cohort 13 be interested in joining a post grad programme that we pay for ourselves?


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