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    I just heard that 25% of the applications get through to the second round (to phone interviews).

    Results for phone interviews should be by (at the latest) mid-March.
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    That's quite a cut then. Is the date in mid-March for those that have had interviews, or for those that are waiting to hear if they have one? I called and they said that my application is still being processed but that I should hear soon either way... Not sure if soon is days or weeks though.
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    I might give them a call next week. I'd be annoyed if I didn't get through to telephone interview because in theory I should be a pretty strong candidate ( 2 years experience working in civil service and county council). If I don't get through then at least I know I need to improve my application filling (which I suspect I may need to anyway).
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    (Original post by quiteinteresting)
    That's quite a cut then. Is the date in mid-March for those that have had interviews, or for those that are waiting to hear if they have one? I called and they said that my application is still being processed but that I should hear soon either way... Not sure if soon is days or weeks though.
    Mid-March for those that have interviews. I'm not quite sure how they're timetabling it all, though.
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    Is it possible that they are working through them in the order that people sent in their application? This would work for me as I sent mine the day before the deadline? I also thought i'd get through to telephone stage purely on the fact that i've been working with a county council for a year now. You'd think that would count for something? Unless there are lots of people who are applying in the same situation. There doesn't seem to have been many people reporting on here that they have got an interview, maybe that's indicative that they aren't done yet?
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    omgggg just got invited for a telephone interview! I was starting to lose hope after a few rejections from graduate employers
    good luck everyone!!!
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    (Original post by xthatgurlx)
    omgggg just got invited for a telephone interview! I was starting to lose hope after a few rejections from graduate employers
    good luck everyone!!!
    Did they ring or email? - had a missed call from an unknown number, no voicemail though...
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    Just got the following email:

    Dear ...

    Further to your application to the National Graduate Development Programme (ngdp) for local government I am pleased to inform you that we would like to invite you to undertake a telephone interview with us.

    Your telephone interview will last approximately 45 minutes. We will speak to you in more detail about your application form, and ask structured questions around the assessment dimensions listed on our website. We will also discuss location preferences, but this forms no part of the assessment process. When you book your telephone interview (see below) you will need to supply us with a telephone number to contact you on, wherever possible please ensure that this is a landline number.

    To book your telephone interview please login to your ‘My Account’ area on our website www.ngdp.co.uk

    Once you have logged into your account you will be presented with a link to 'Book your Telephone Interview'. You can then view all available dates and should choose the most suitable slot. You will also be asked to provide the telephone number on which you wish to be contacted for your interview. You are welcome to use a mobile telephone for your interview, if so please ensure that you are somewhere quiet with good reception for your interview.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us either by email to : [email protected] or by telephone on: 0845 222 0250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0845 222 0250 end_of_the_skype_highlighting if you have any additional requirements for your telephone interview or if you have any queries.

    Congratulations on reaching the next stage.

    For anyone that wants to know, my surname begins with L and I applied 2 days before the deadline; so I don't know which order they are sending out invites. However, I’m very annoyed, the only telephone slots available are on Monday and I need more time to prepare because I really want this.
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    Congrats - to send an invite for an interview on Friday that takes place on Monday is a little unprofessional I think. Seems to sum NGDP.
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    And to add to the confusion, I just received this email:

    Thank you for your interest in the 2011 National Graduate Development Programme for Local Government.

    Further to your email, thank you for completing our online application form. Please be assured that this has been successfully received and is currently in the process of review.

    Due to the high volume of applications we receive, please note that this can be a lengthy process however we will endeavour to contact you at our earliest available opportunity as soon as we have a further update.

    Kind regards,

    Ngdp Recruitment Team

    Perhaps they are doing it by region preference? Or perhaps by some random, unpenetrable system divined only by the movement of a meteroid in a parallel galaxy.

    Either way, well done to those who have/had a telephone interview, and for those still waiting, continue to do so calmly
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    I got an e-mail on Thursday 3rd, inviting me to book a phone interview. The available dates were all the next Monday, which I thought would be fine, but didn't book a particular time slot as I needed to organise a private office when I wouldn't get disturbed.

    On Friday, I got a call asking if I could do it that afternoon. So instead of the weekend to prepare, I had three hours when I was meant to be at work.

    Ah well, I trhink it went OK, but time will tell.

    Good luck to you all.
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    wat region was your first choice for those that have got an interview
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    North West first choice, London second. I strongly suspect that the order in which people get called is nothing more than the order in which they land on peoples desk for sorting. These won't be split by name or date of submission I guess, but all stuck in a big pile and divied up around all the staff in the office.
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    had the interview thought it went ok. hated my interviewer though lol . fingers crossed
    was told interviews will continue for a few weeks (so there's still hope everyone) and also only 25% get through this stage.
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    I'm off on holiday first thing, and was originally told that I'd hear by today. I've just called, and she can't tell me anything yet, she thinks it's going to be the end of next week at least before they have finished looking at all the applications. Thought you'd all want to know.
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    Hi all

    I'm one of the very last letters of the alphabet and I applied in early January, haven't heard anything yet. That would seem to suggest that where you are in the alphabet and your application date have something to do with when your application is processed.

    Not impressed by how little time some people have had to prepare for the telephone interview so I'm going to start swotting up just in case!
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    I just received this email less than an hour ago:

    Thank you for your continued interest in the National Graduate Development Programme (ngdp). Further to your email, we are currently reviewing your application, and we will contact you at the earliest available opportunity with further news. If in the meantime you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind Regards, ngdp Recruitment

    I don't really know what's going on atm, as this is the second of these messages I've received! Has anyone else yet to hear been getting these?
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    Haven't heard a dot. For the conspiracy theorists among us: surname begins with A and 1st choice was SE.
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    Telephone Interview is tough!! I was told that we will know the results of the telephone interview by mid-march, so I am sure that they are still interviewing candidates.

    Good luck to everyone
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    It had been so long I was sure I hadn't gotten in but they got back to me late last week. I had the telephone interview on Monday which I found quite tough. I didn't think I'd done at all well but just received an email that I'm through to the next round. The information sessions in London and Leeds are next week so I guess people will have to find out before then?


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