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    I haven't heard yet either. Maybe they are doing it by region.... Trying not to get too worried! Presumably they phone you either way so I doubt no news is bad news. It's just horrible having to wait! Congrats ppw123
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    I have heard that I was unsuccessful at all of the councils I interviewed with Quite gutted.
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    Aww Rebecca1777 that's such a shame. There is still the talent pool though. One of the NMT I met at an interview said a number of people from cohort15 got their place through the talent pool. I'm on the reserve list, so still waiting.
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    Yeah, I was really upset. Yeah, I guess so, not holding out much hope for that though.
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    [QUOTE=rebecca1777;48427440]I have heard that I was unsuccessful at all of the councils I interviewed with Quite gutted.[/QUOTE

    Don't give up hope apparently there's nearly the same amount of places as there are people, so you've still got a fairly good shot! I can't remember the exact stats, you could email and ask, but i remember them being very encouraging! The LGA has already decided you're good enough, so really they want someone to take you!

    I also met two people at interview who'd got through via the talent pool. A lot of councils join the scheme late and use it. You may even get one of the councils you've interviewed at if someone else turns them down. I think it's taking longer than intended to sort everyone out - I only got the phone call this morning. I was so sure it was a 'no' given how long it had taken, but I got multiple yeses instead! If everyone gets 48 hours and some people get multiple offers, there's still a way to go before things get sorted. Best of luck!
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    Anyone applied for the NGDP this year?

    I have to complete the on-line verbal and reasoning tests by the 6th of February. I am practising using the links provided in the e-mail I received (http://www.shldirect.com/en/practice-tests and http://www.careergym.com/). However, I am not able to answer all questions within the time given!

    I asked if there is minimum passing score for the on-line numerical and verbal reasoning tests (e.g 50% for each of the tests) and the answer I got from NGDP was that pass mark information for on-line tests will be made available to candidates after the test closing date. So if any of you that applied last year has any info would be great!
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    I have also looked at the shl practice questions. These seem suspiciously easy... I passed the numerial and verbal tests for fast stream last year, and the standard was really high. I had to spend a couple of weeks practising and familiarising myself with the style of questions.

    Does anyone know how the civil service and the ngdp numerical tests compare? I wouldn't want to think the NGDP was a doddle, only to find out that the real tests are much more demanding. Annoyingly you can't take practice questions separately. You have to do them in the same sitting as the real test. Any help would be much appreciated!


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Updated: February 2, 2015
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