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The "What food have you just eaten?" Thread

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    Chicken dippers
    French fries
    fish fingers

    and earlier:

    noodles with courgette and salmon

    Oh yeah forgot to mention

    Aero Mint + 2 peaches
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    Noodles with courgette, carrot,mushroom and aubergines with some more stuffed olives.
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    (Original post by LonelyTimeLord)
    My goodness... this sounds too incredibly amazing! I'm hungry now (also Phish Food is the BEST ice cream in my opinion) :P
    It is ultimate in pick me up food Way I have it scrap the topping off the pizza and mix it into the pasta, then cut open the crust and mix in the tomato sauce Takes ages, worth it!
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    Just had some goulash.

    I'm nearing the end of term [thank goodness - term started on Jan 4th :sleep:], so I am using things up from the freezer.
    Last night = defrosted [obviously lol] portion of Thai green curry. Breakfast = defrosted potaoto cakes. And tonight = defrosted goulash.

    It is quite nice having a drawer full of 'home made ready meals', I guess. Just got to decide what to get out for tomorrow night now.
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    Choc n Roll Coco Pops. Cereal is so right, every hour of the day.
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    Couscous salad. mmmmmm..
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    Emek Kebab <33333333333333333
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    Two weetabix followed by a snickers. I'm so healthy(!)
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    Microwave Popcorn - my new addiction <3
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    Pasta bolognese bake with salad and parmesan cheese. :love:
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    Strawberry Jelly
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    Sweet rice and cardamom tea.
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    Marmite on toast and a mug of coffee.
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    Those Giant Crunch Nut Cereal
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    Creamy Pasta and a Pint of Kopparberg in the sun
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    A salad sandwich, packet of cheese and onion transformer snacks and a handful of chocolates.
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    A shedload of fresh picked SCOATISH Raspberries and some Activia Natural Pouring Yoghurt for a late breakfast.

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    :badger:NEWSFLASH! :badger:

    ...Only posting to say I had a scotch egg =)


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Updated: July 31, 2014
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