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The "What food have you just eaten?" Thread

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    A party ring biscuit.
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    Mature cheddar cheese on toast with chilli flakes and balsamic vinegar - old school, well maybe not the vinegar part!
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    Chicken mayonnaise salad sandwich on multigrain seeded bread, followed by pineapple and grapes... all eaten in the sunshine!
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    Packet of crisps
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    milky bar
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    chocolate raisins and wands/cables.

    I'm such a kid.
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    Roast chicken crisps
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    Packet of mini party rings
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    Peanut m&ms and a giant rola biscuit
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    Staffordshire oatcakes with grated cheese, sausage, bacon and baked beans. :love:
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    Jacket potato, mixed veg, tuna, beans and chilli sauce
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    Intrigued by Weight Watchers new STEAM FRESH microwave meal pouches at their introductory £1 price (sucker for a ready meal, sucker for a cheap eat - no brainer); just had the Chicken Chop Suey one. Surprisingly, SUPER DELICIOUS. No joke - and Weight Watchers meals are usually crap beyond crap. This was awesome, loads of chicken, rice and veg for 203 calories. Now I get to eat like three bars of chocolate later and feel all virtuous.
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    Roasted vegetables, tuna and couscous.
    An apple.
    A packet of fizzy strawberry laces.
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    I have eaten a tuna sandwich yum yum
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    Nachos! Paprika chicken, salsa, cheese and jalapenos.
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    Chick pea curry. :sogood:
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    A really nice big salad with bacon and hard boiled eggs
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    (Original post by infairverona)
    A really nice big salad with bacon and hard boiled eggs
    Bacon in a salad just seems so wrong to me. There's only one way to have it and that's in a butty with ketchup!
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    Jacket potato, beans, cheese, mixed veg, salad cream, blueberry muffin
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    Gluten free, creamy chicken pasta.


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Updated: July 31, 2014
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