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The "What food have you just eaten?" Thread

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    2 ham sandwiches.
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    Veggie sausage and veggie bacon sandwich with vegan cream cheese, 'buttery' mushrooms and loads of ketchup.

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    Your mum

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    Chicken & beansprouts and a portion of curry & chips from the local Chinese takeout. Couldn't be bothered cooking and I've been in the mood for it for a couple of days now. ^^;
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    (Original post by MrTwist)
    Your mum

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    Why are you so..original?
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    Chicken with a lemon/herb rub with pasta and a bit of cheese
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    Ben and Jerry's Icecream is on offer at the shop where I work. 3 litres in three days
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    I used some sushi nori seaweed sheets as parcels/wraps and wrapped it round some garden veg and roast chicken. It was so nice and a great healthy alternative to wheat-based wraps.
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    Salmon, new potatoes and peas
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    (Original post by Muddy_Hands)
    Ben and Jerry's Icecream is on offer at the shop where I work. 3 litres in three days
    You Muddy, are a legend.
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    (Original post by dani_1991)
    You Muddy, are a legend.
    A really fat legend
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    (Original post by Muddy_Hands)
    A really fat legend
    A legend nonetheless
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    Just had a omelette in a mug (1 mushroom + 1 tomato diced up, 1 egg, splash of milk and some grated cheddar + black pepper, whisk and chuck in microwave for 2 mins)
    Also some coffee. Remind me not to buy "breakfast mild" coffee or whatever this stuff is, it tastes like dishwater.
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    Corned beef sandwich
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    2 crumpets with spiced honey, mug of tea and a bit of flapjack. Yummmy!
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    Bacon and egg sandwich
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    Cookie crisp. mmmmmmmmmmm.
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    Noodles from Lidl.

    I am posh like that.

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    Cooked myself a full English breakfast to celebrate the end of exams and first year - 2 eggs on 2 wholemeal toast, fried fresh tomato and mushrooms, bacon and beans

    Fried the tomato and mushrooms with salt, pepper and mixed herbs and also seasoned the beans with the latter as they were Tesco everyday value and needed a little extra flavour. First time I've made a cooked breakfast my whole time here as our kitchen is diabolical (through no fault of my own).


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Updated: July 31, 2014
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