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The "What food have you just eaten?" Thread

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    Apricots! They are bloody delicious.
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    Jaffa Cakes.. mmm
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    (Original post by Gemma :)!)
    Jaffa Cakes.. mmm
    How do you eat them? All in one? :holmes:
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    This thread makes the OP want to eat more when he looks at the replies he's gotten.
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    (Original post by unknownking321)
    How do you eat them? All in one? :holmes:
    No way!
    Nibble all the chocolate off, then eat the orangy bit BUT sucking it until all the cakey bit is off the orange, then eat the cakey bit :')
    Then move onto the next one, and repeat
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    A bacon and egg sandwich <3
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    2 weetabix (daily breakfast) and a penguin choc bar yum!
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    (Original post by TPS.)
    Is this nice? I have philadeplhia in the fridge - but only the garlic and herbs one and I dont have any use for it, I've just been spreading it on pieces of bread.

    Yessss I love it on toast I love it on toast with marmite as well, although not sure that would be so nice with the garlic and herb one!
    Philadelphia also makes up some quite nice pasta sauces as well, if you needed more ideas of how to use it up!
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    Just had some golden syrup porridge.. so nice.
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    Update: breaky - 2 weetabix and penguin bar. Lunch: 2 ham & cheese sandwiches, muller rice and a bit of sensations... not exactly the healthiest of foods but t'was tasty
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    rich tea fingers mmhmmmm
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    I just had a subway with all the salad (extra onions) and bbq sauce :drool:
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    Weetabix but i am SO hungry now.
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    Pizza. :sexface:
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    A raspberry doughnut. And then a cup of milk
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    I want Fajitas ... so badly.
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    CANDY FLOSS!!!!! :cookie::eating:

    omg omg omg awesome
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    (Original post by Ape Gone Insane)
    I want Fajitas ... so badly.
    :coma: Ooooh, now I do too!

    Instead my lunch consists of chicken noodle soup and one of those mini cathedral city cheese things. Not quite as exciting


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