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The "What food have you just eaten?" Thread

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    I had someamoxicillin washed down with some Paracetamol at 6am, and now I've just had some doxycycline and 30/500 cocodamol and I am wiped out. Ear infections, gotta love em. Goodnight.
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    A hot cross bun with Redwood soy-free chedder cheezly.
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    chicken and thyme crisps
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    Macaroni cheese - and i'm heading for an all you can eat chinese buffet tomorrow
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    Pasta Sallad with tuna on italian vinagre, yum
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    lunch: creamy mushroom sauce over fusilli pasta :coma:

    mmm omg this actually is the stuff dreams are made out of :eek:
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    I'm cupboard-raiding as I forgot to go to the supermarket today, but I managed to make myself a dinner of something I've not had in AAAAAGES but was absolutely DELICIOUS.

    Cheesy Pasta with a tin of tuna, some chopped peppers, and the last of my shallots. Absolutely freaking incredible.

    And for some reason, Cheesy Pasta doesn't taste like cheese, it tastes like chemicals, but somehow, the fakeness tastes... awesome!
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    A handful of these bad boys

    And about to have:

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    Today I've had:
    Breakfast: 1 slice of white eggy bread and about 1/4 tube of pringles
    Snack: Mini milkyway bar
    Dinner (which I'm currently eating): A bit of homemade veggie chilli on rice with a few rustic chips + ketchup and mayonnaise
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    I just had some Cooooo-ooookie Crisp.

    It's good to pretend I'm eating cereal when in reality I'm eating dessert.
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    This but dead and cooked.
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    Subway Chicken Breast Salad, extra jalapenos, no cheese. Bliss.
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    That's my healthy breakfast
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    (Original post by Smoosh)

    That's my healthy breakfast
    Is that...oreo?! On a cake?! :drool:
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    (Original post by Crazy Paving)
    Is that...oreo?! On a cake?! :drool:
    It is indeed.
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    (Original post by Smoosh)
    It is indeed.


    I am currently having my disgusting beechams honey and lemon cold and flu drink, and also a banana chocolate flakes muller corner.
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    Beef casserole and some chocolate hearts from Tesco - 10p. Post-valentines day chocolate ftw.
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    Today's dinner is penne pasta with added feta and parmesan and onion rings
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    Tonight me and my boyfriend had a belated Valentines dinner at this American restaurant. Oh . my . days. We've both been pretty ill, and so it was the first food we had had in a while. Got demolished. I had:

    Mac n Cheese with Garlic foccacia, onion dip thing and tobasco sauce.


    Chicken wings with fries, sweet chilli, BBQ and sour cream dip. Hell, yes.
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    I've just had a couple of Polo mints :teehee:

    Dinner tonight was pizza (Domino's Two for Tuesday with a coursemate) - large Mighty Meaty and Garlic Mozzarella sticks on the side :sogood:


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