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The "What food have you just eaten?" Thread

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    You can update regularly and post pics if you so wish. Drinks included.

    Breakfast: Nothing yet. Hungry. :sad:

    Some nice pics:

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    Philadelphia on toast riiight now! mmmmm...
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    literally just ate a banananananana
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    Chocolate crepe, bout to sleep now.
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    Cake and yoghurt.
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    Pre-rowing: Cheerios
    Post-rowing: sainsburys cookies and chicken curry noodles.

    Double breakfast = win :thumbsup:
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    Coco pops... oh what an exciting life I lead
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    Just had two slices of toast with butter, & a cup of tea, yuuum!
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    So far today; two cups of coffee and a single maryland cookie.
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    peanut butter & jam on toast, yummmmm.

    On separate pieces, but I can quite happily have both together in a sandwich. Childhood fave
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    And I've just had some McCain's Salt and Pepper Wedges and this peppery quorn thing...
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    French toast. :proud:
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    Panadol. I have a headache.
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    (Original post by kristinaalovesu)
    Chocolate crepe, bout to sleep now.
    Would you recommend them for sploshing? :holmes:
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    I had some musli, but I couldn't keep it down (I have a sickness bug :sad:) so I just ate a chocolate digestive because my empty tummy leads me hungry (but now I feel queasy)
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    I just had a late breakfast of scrambled eggs with two thick cut, 21 day matured applewood smoked bacon with two pieces of wheat bread and a cold glass of apple and raspberry juice.

    It was amazing!
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    Warm raisin and custard roll, and before that a freshly baked pain au chocolat... I love living in France!!
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    oreos and scrambled egg+zucchini.
    3 cups of black coffee and 1 glass of soy milk.
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    A bowl of muesli, a glass of apple juice and a cup of tea
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Updated: July 31, 2014
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