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Recrystallisation and Simple Distillation

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    I have an A2 practical tomorrow (no idea on what it is) but I was told to revise recrystallisation, simple distillation, benzene chemistry and analytical techniques. I've, as anyone else would do, resorted to the text book given to me by my sixth form (and another one I bought on the web) - nothing on recrystallisation or simple distillation.

    If someone can tell me briefly how they work, and how I can tell if something has any impure products that would be great.
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    Bumpety bump.
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    (Original post by ViralRiver)
    Bumpety bump.
    here you go...
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    I've obviously tried that. Nothing I see there is of A level standard, and it all uses apparatus not available in a school.
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    (Original post by ViralRiver)
    I've obviously tried that. Nothing I see there is of A level standard, and it all uses apparatus not available in a school.

    So your school doesn't have conical flasks, heat source, filter funnels and papers and a supply of chemicals? They have no business offering a chemistry course in that case!

    I should go somewhere else if I were you...
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    Firstly, use Wikipedia, secondly - don't worry about it. I have the same thing tomorrow, and the instruction booklets usually say "now pour 10mls of this into boiling tube #1", you can't really go wrong! (Until it gets to the questions.)


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