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The Official Pub/Bar/Club Recommendation Thread

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    Fat cat is good, nice selection of beers and ales
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    A village don't:

    Don't check out the pub by the tesco express which a buncha village folks did and all came back saying it was ****e.. So just a warning for any future freshers.
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    oooh timmaah that place is pure nasty, stay away from the five ways pub, and the pub in bowthorpe, which you'd be unlucky to stumble across anyways...
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    And don't whatever you do go to the one on St Mildreds Rd either, (End of Wilberforce Road, the road that runs next to the Village), there were several incidents up their last year involving the locals + plenty of police :rolleyes:
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    Gotta be mercy, squares and the Wetherspoons always as deals on.They do monday club in my yarmouth wetherspoons,does anyone know if they do in Norwich?
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    Mercy on a thursday for sure! FREE entry before half 11 with your campus card!
    Optic on a Monday - though depened on the type of music your into.
    LCR on a Tuesday and Saturday!
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    Mustard Lounge is definately a must. Like a pub but with really loud, good music. Lovely bar staff who somehow become your friends and always remember what you drink. They also have brilliant cocktails and loads of drinks offers.
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    The Belle Vue is a MUST!

    Great food, cheap food! Reasonable bar prices and gorgeous bar maids. Oh, and they have sky and setanta sports. Honestly, what more do you need in a pub?

    It's off Earlham road near the mitre
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    why didnt anyone mention Optic or Mustard? I think they are pretty cool, get cheap drink and cooool music in Mustard!
    honestly Mercy is ****...
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    Anyone know of nights playing EBM/Industrial music? Some searching revealed The Waterfront sometimes does nights like this, anyone been?

    Also interested in psytrance nights.
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    Having only been in Norwich since January I've found its if anything harder to find a bad pub in Norwich. Not seen any love for the Garden House yet though, which is particularly awesome over the summer with their many BBQ's and bloody huge beer garden.

    Having moved from Newcastle where we had a nice dedicated rock bar, I'm yet to find anything of its like in Norwich. Is there a pub the 'alternative' (for desperate want of a better term) types tend to congregate?
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    Deviant soc meets at the union bar thursday nights, other than that... not really anywhere specific sorry. A lot of my alt friends hang out at the Mischief but I have never been.
    I also miss having a dedicated alt bar
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    There is a new place (now don't shoot me down because I haven't been in there so whatever you do don't count this as a recommendation) on Prince of Wales road downstairs in Spencers called Hades Bar. I think they are touting that place as an alt bar.

    Mischief is alright too. I wouldn't exactly call it an alt bar though - they show far too much footy for that. It does however have three pool tables a dart board and all sorts of other stuff going on.
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    A friend of mine spent the night in Hades once, dancing in a cage, so I'm not sure if you'd count that as a recommendation either
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    Vodka revs -> Nowhere Bar -> Havanas. Night = Done.
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    Rehab! It does the cheapest drinks in the city I think, and is on Prince of Wales Road nearly opposite Mercy. Is a big purple coloured building.
    99p glasses of wine and £1.99 double spirit and mixer I think
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    The Golden Star pub (opposite Mary Chaplain accomodation) is amazing, it doesn't look like much from outside, but the staff are friendly and the food (£7 a meal)Tuesday - Saturday is to *die* for!
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    hey... i got a question.. is there a calm pub on campus or in Norwich? i mean not a nightclub nd partying stuff...
    also.. is there any which give non-alcoholic drinks?
    wud luv to get an answer
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    Anyone know the craic with the post grad bar? Is it strictly for post grads or is it for anyone over 21?
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    (Original post by abuelzouz)
    hey... i got a question.. is there a calm pub on campus or in Norwich? i mean not a nightclub nd partying stuff...
    also.. is there any which give non-alcoholic drinks?
    wud luv to get an answer
    Every pub will serve non-alchoholic drinks so don't worry about that, there is normally a pretty big selection wherever you go. My partner doesn't really drink but she goes out to pubs all the time.

    As for quiet, non party pubs. Norwich has plenty of nice, quiet pubs. I'd just recommend that you stay away from Prince of Wales Road and Riverside if this isn't your thing. Try more traditional pubs than newer modern bars for a more relaxed atmosphere. I like the Rumsey Wells just at the bottom of Duke Street (near Mary Chapman Court) for a quiet Saturday afternoon drink - they do great food in there too.

    The grad bar is probably the quietest on campus but we also have coffee shops if they are more your style.


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