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    Sorry can't agree with you either.

    I LOVE THE SNOW! haha.

    Snowball fight! xD
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    Has anyone still got snow on the ground?
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    Nope, not here.

    Someone told me it was forecast to snow tonight but turns out it's just going to rain.
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    The forecast heavy snow just changed to heavy rain
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    There's heavy snow here. I tried to get to the gym this morning - didn't even get an eighth of the way there before I had nearly killed myself about 6 times. I didn't even get as far as the local shop to buy milk and bread (which I was gonna do on the way back from the gym). Ended up turning the car round and going home, and walking to the closest shop instead.
    I'm so glad my daughter is poorly today so I didn't have to take her to school, because I'd have had huge problems picking her back up again! (well I'm no glad she's poorly but you know what I mean).
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    It's back :sigh: I hope it doesn't last long ...
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    It hasn't snowed in a week but there's still some snow on the ground here.
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    i love snow. snow rocks.
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    When will this snow end!!
    I'm getting really sick of wearing the same boots or my wellies, every single freaking day.
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    I love snow but for the first time today i hate it

    Edinburgh zoo is closed today due to snow so i could not go Maybe tomorrow...


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