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Blitzkrieg mit dem Fleischgewehr

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    Going to start a blog again, mainly to look back on in a few months

    Going to be training for size more than powerlifting in the next few months. It'll be a nice change, ill still be hitting the weights heavy though.

    Current PBs - 205/130/220 (My bench and dead would have been higher than that, but they are competition PBs(the ones that count )

    Will be training DC style for a while, have done this in the past and responded well.

    I'll get pictures up soon.

    Have had trouble with my back for a while now, my seat bone keeps going out of place (I think thats what the physio said was happening!), so ill be taking it easy with the deads for now.

    20 rep squats soon too

    Next session is thursday

    title sounds so gay
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    (Original post by Broderss)
    title sounds so gay
    of course it does, if I'm to get on the front of attitude I have to attract the right people
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    lower back starting to hurt now, physio said it would - bones trying to go back to where they were apparently

    looking forward to some BIO FREEZE


    Warum is der Titel auf Deutsch? Ich interessiere mich gar nicht fuer Sports!

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    Didn't do the legs part of the routine today as advised not to by the physio, so just did the curls for girls and cardio

    Preacher Curls: 15kg each side, 11 / 2 / 1
    Hammer Curls: 20kg dumbbells, 11 / 5 / 4 (each arm)

    Max OT cardio

    16mins, level 5, 151 calories, distance 5.73

    Now time to eat and coursework all day

    That was the first time training biceps since May last year!
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    No training today, snow is bad here, and brother taken car to see pendulum so no access to gym!

    Its ok anyway, itll do me good to rest the back a few more days.

    Monday morning next
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    Did a few more little upper body things today as have missed a few sessions etc. Fist legs will be on saturday

    Barbell curls RP- 35 for 14/5/4
    Reverse curls - 20 for 3 sets of 10
    Tricep pulldown RP - 27.5 for 20/10/5
    CGBP - 60 for 3 sets of 15

    From saturday onwards all will be well
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    Good session today, had my pre work out QUAKE III supplement so was buzzing

    Incline Bench - 72.5 - 12/3/2 (still working the weight back up on bench)

    Some supersetting on the shoulders, I don't like rest pausing them, included DB press and front raises

    Tate Press - 22.5kg - 14/5/3

    Rack pull ups with extra 5kg - 12/3/1

    a few more bodyweight rack pull ups

    very wide grip pull downs - 3 sets 10 can't remember weight

    extreme stretching

    22.5kg 1 min DB chest

    tricep cable extension machine held halfway for a minute 27.5kg

    hang for a minute (need chalk next time hands sweaty as ****)

    thats all folks

    on saturday will be training with Megaoblastic - will video some of his squats. I shall be squatting too hopefully if the back says I can on the day. Will do a heavy 3 reps then a 20 repper hopefully video too

    How do you find the extreme stretching section of DC? I looked at it but was a bit confused lol.

    Got a good website with all the info on? I fancy a gand x
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    (Original post by Khanage)
    How do you find the extreme stretching section of DC? I looked at it but was a bit confused lol.

    Got a good website with all the info on? I fancy a gand x

    I love it. It hurts, but it feels good in a sick kind of way.

    Not sure if it actually does anything!! It apparently helps with growth, but I defo think it helps with injury prevention too by getting a lot of blood into the muscles.


    There are the pictures

    I don't do the shoulder one as can't feel it

    the others are killers
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    Worked up to 170 * 4 - was ok

    Cable Bicep Curl
    Rack, 60kg I think, 17 / 7 / 5 - easy need to add more weight to the machine somehow

    Cable Reverse Curl
    30kg straight sets of 3x8 - more weight next time easy

    Lying leg curl machine
    55kg, 15 / 7 / 3 - hamstrings are killing me now, more weight next week

    Calve machine plate loaded
    40kg straight sets of 3x8 - easy plenty more weight next time

    20 rep squat
    125kg x 14 - pissed off at myself here, could have got the 20 fine the weight wasn't a problem, I was just ****ed after the 14 and needed someone to shout at me! Next time ill get the 20, just a bit un-conditioned at the moment

    first time squatting in at least 3 weeks so not too bad, need to get back into the swing of things

    20 reps must be brutal man! I did a 10 rep set once and was ****ed after that.
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    Speed bench

    60kg 9x3, 3 normal, 3 close, 3 wide - real fast

    70kg for 14 / 7 / 5

    Snatch grip military press

    Fancied trying something different lol, hands as wide as they could go, **** weight will up it a lot next time just getting used to it

    30kg 3x10

    Hammer lat pull down

    60kg each side 6/3/1

    Some gay shrugs

    can't remember but I do remember looking like a ****

    20kg for 1 min

    Half dip position for 25 secs, have to try and get longer next time
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    (Original post by u4m1r)
    20 reps must be brutal man! I did a 10 rep set once and was ****ed after that.
    Aye ****ing solid man, I forgot how hard they were!
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    Bollucks workout yesterday, not worth mentioning it really

    did some speed squats 100kg, real fast, then some hamstrings and calves. Finished because feeling v. sick. Oh well
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    Asked a physio on uk-muscle what the problem with my back is, as I keep forgetting what my physio tells me. This is what's going on:

    He probably thinks you have a sacroiliac joint problem (sometimes called SI subluxations, dernagements, dysfunction etc).

    To be honest it could be, but more likely it is either a facet joint or disc strain (based on pain studies of LBP using selective pain blocking of different structures in guys of yur age).

    What probably happens is that he measures your pelvic heights (eyeballing and palpating) and finds one is a little higher than the other. Diagnoses SIJ problem and then manipulates.

    You get a crunch (air cavitation that makes the pop, increases joint space making joint feel looser and your brain releases some endorphins to reduce pain). Then you move around OK which settles things down a bit, rest up a little and bobs your uncle your OK.

    The key is to try and find out why it keeps happening.

    Somehow your stressing a structure too much and getting a reaction (pain). You have to find a way of reducing the strain thats causing the problem. The obvious way is to stop what your doing (kind of thing your GP says). The next thing is to change the way you're doing it (technique, trianing methods) and the last way is to work on improving the efficiency of what you're doing (thats where all the various stability, core strength stuff fits in).

    I can't really go into the exact nature of what you need to do, because this is all hypothesis (although a good one ).

    If you're ever down this way, then stop in. Otherwise talk to him about how to try and reduce the incidence of this happening. That should be stuff you can do for it. If he can't offer you much advice including rehab methods, then move on for that part of your rehab and find someone who can.
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    Not doing DC for a little while, made my own program (whilst being bored over christmas) and will do this for a few months and see how I get off.

    Today was some upper body hypertrophy

    Bodyweight 3x10 - easy enough, very short rests, will add weight when in the unigym as I have access to a dipping belt there

    Rack Pullups
    2x10, 1x8 with 5kg added. More weight next time

    Seated Cable Row
    50kg, rest paused for 10/5/4 - I lean forward when doing these, a lot harder and can lats get one hell of a pump

    I then spotted my bro squatting for about 30-40 mins

    Incline Bench

    Very easy, didn't do more weight as I was starving and not much energy - 60kg for 5x5

    Incline CGBP
    50kg for 4 x 6 - again very easy. Couldnt use flat bench as it was in use

    I'll be alternating sessions like the above with power sessions, where I'll be going for new records on the squat, bench, rack deadlift and a few others. Also will throw in a real high volume session


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