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Short hair on girls

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    OK, so in the last year I've had a lot of stuff done to my hair, went blonde, went back, texturisers etc. and it's in pretty bad condition. I want to just take the lot off but am wondering if I'd look horrible with short hair, And by short, I mean like Natalie Portman after V For Vendetta short. I would appreciate any help

    Pic of me in my sig :P
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    I find short hair on girls really unattractive.
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    I find short hair on girls really unattractive.
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    (Original post by mahaneap)
    I find short hair on girls really unattractive.

    Emma Watson says no...
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    Go for it. You'd need a bit of a fringe though, I reckon
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    (Original post by zKlown)

    Emma Watson says no...
    I knew someone would show me picture of Emma Watson. She was OK, when she had decent hair. Now, I do not find her attractive.
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    I like short hair on girls, emma watson, natalie portman ect, its something I like
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    Short hair on girls is bad.
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    When I look at your photo all that comes to mind is "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.." :dance:

    I don't think short hair would suit you.
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    (Original post by zKlown)

    Emma Watson says no...
    I preferred a lot more with long hair.....short hair on girls is just bad.

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    I think it looks nice as it is, but if you want it short, go for it!

    Oh and the person who said Emma Watson looks unattractive now she's had her hair cut...ARE YOU ON CRACK?! She's beautiful!
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    I think short hair (but not too short) would suit you if it was straight, and you have a long side swept fringe. But i also think longer hair would easily suit you, you have a pretty face.
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    If its still blonde.. then you could get a similar style to this.
    Not many girls suit short hair... but those who do, can look very stunning

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    Yeah, I went ahead and did it. I love it and I look better than before, thanks anyway


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