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Why do women like less muscly men these days?

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    Ive heard alot of women say that they prefer men to be naturally fat and squishy what does that mean?:confused:
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    I dunno. Maybe muscle is no longer seen as a signal of success?
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    What do you mean by 'these days'? I'm sure there has always been women who like and dislike muscles. I just think that the attitude towards men who want to change their body and pamper their self changed a couple of decades ago which started a hype which is now declining, it seems.
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    (Original post by Atomic Tundra)
    Ive heard alot of women say that they prefer men to be naturally fat and squishy what does that mean?:confused:
    only on tsr, muscle still rules, sorry *****es
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    Oh Good! That means I'm in.
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    I have nothing against muscles. I just dont like it when its over- done, like when they're bulging with muscles. Otherwise, nice, built arms are gooood :love:

    Fat and squishy? Naah.
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    Possibly because there are less manual jobs, so being muscly isn't important?
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    Because we'd rather be with guys who don't spend all their time at the gym.
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    I've never heard any woman say that they want a fatty... who have you been talking to?!
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    :O whoever told you this was lying!
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    Women say that, but don't really. A lot of women don't actually know what they want.
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    I wouldn't say fat and squishy, but I don't link muscles which are over defined. I just like toned
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    It's just chubby/insecure TSR girls chatting rubbish, don't pay any attention to it.
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    Normally 'muscled' is good. But I don't like when they go over the top.
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    easier to find and women are more desperate.
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    1) If the guy is intensively good looking (face features) wears nice clothes/hair... thats enough to find them physically attractive.
    2)There arent as many guys who are built :dontknow:
    3)some girls just dont like it

    But fat and squishy?? :lolwut:

    Nice toned arms = yum
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    no woman has ever said that, ever. get to the gym, lardo
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    Skinny white guys are all the rage for women this winter.
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    It's funny cos I hear it's really different in America (it's actually weird to not be muscley). My ("normal build") boyfriend from the US came to Britain and said it was really weird to see a lot of skinny guys and he felt a lot more "normal" and accepted here; people can be like what they want to be like physically and be accepted lol. In the US people would always comment on how skinny he is... I don't even find him skinny; slim at most, but really, normal. One girl even suggested working out... but he's really normal so i was like wut. ~_~;
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    When women conceive children, they start to look for males that have that skinnier "nice guy" look and will more likely to be loyal and a good father and provider. It's only for reproduction that the muscle bound bad boy is needed. The use of contraceptive pills means that women feel like they are pregnant when in fact the pill prevents that from occurring. Hence, since the 1960's a taste for skinnier, more effeminate men has slowly developed and since it is exported in the media it has become an accepted norm.

    But of course in practice if you present a girl with a toned and built body there will be no questions asked.


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Updated: April 15, 2012
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