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Oily Nose (Male) help!

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    I've had an oily nose for a very long time an I'm yet to find a solution to this. Can anyone reccommend any specific washes/scrubs/lotions/anything to sort this problem out?
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    yep, i work at the body shop. you should try the tea tree oil, it's not oily- just the name. it mattifies your skin and gets rid of shine & excess oil esp. at t- zone. use the facial wash aswell here's the link
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    Have a bath
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    Erm... you can get mattifying moisturisers.
    I'd just use blotting sheets, they obsorb the oil so you'd quickly whip them out when you felt your nose was getting oily.
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    Layer your products. Use a anti-shine cleanser, then a mattifying moisturiser and get some blotting papers for any excess during the day.

    The joys of coming from a majority female family. :facepalm2:
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    use a lil towel to dry it off
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    moosehead look buff face scrub

    Its really good and gets rid of blackheads too!
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    put low strength benzoyl peroxide on it (acne gel) - keeps it dry all day and prevents spots but not good for sensitive skin
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    I know this is going to sound weird, but get some white vinegar and dab it on then wash it off a few minutes later (does miracles for a girl with oily skin )


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