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Primary Education interview at Winchester

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    Do you mind telling me what you have chosen as your specialism?
    I hope you hear back soon! Waiting is so hard...
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    My specialism is science.

    How about you?
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    That has given me a bit of hope. I really want to go to Winchester and am just praying that I hear from them soon. What did they ask you in the interview? Did they set some sort of task beforehand for your interview. Everyone seems to be hearing from them. I keep checking my ucas. Did you hear from them through the track system or did they just sent you an invitation through the post as that's what I've read they do. Sorry for all the questions. I'm just so keen on getting an interview :-) x
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    Hey KLD
    I got a letter in the post as invitation to interview. They set the task of presentation based around a book which you would use as a starting point for learning in your specialist subject. They ask things like What do you think is the hardest part of teaching? etc... mostly just your opinion though they did ask about work experience as well.
    Everyone was really friendly though so if you do go for interview don't worry =D
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    I had my interview a few weeks ago and they made you feel really at ease. with the book presentation think about cross curriculum because when it comes to listening to other students doing their presentation, you will be asked about what other teaching techniques could be used. Dont worry about the book presentation because it really is relaxed.
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    Hey all,
    I have my interview at Winchester on Wednesday, slightly nervous now! My specialism is geography and I've got a book with stuff about the weather in it so I'm doing my plan on that. I'm feeling a bit anxious about the writing task, can anyone help me with what to expect from this part?
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    Hey ipodgirly... the writing task isn't too bad so don't worry... they give you an extract from a book and ask you to respond to it. Not really anything you can prepare for that as you don't know which extract you'll get until they give you it. Good Luck though! =D
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    (Original post by Beth112)
    Hey ipodgirly... the writing task isn't too bad so don't worry... they give you an extract from a book and ask you to respond to it. Not really anything you can prepare for that as you don't know which extract you'll get until they give you it. Good Luck though! =D
    Ok, thanks for the help!
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    Hey, I've got an interview at Winchester for Primary Ed with Drama next week.
    Just wondering if someone could give me a few pointers about the book presentation bit? I would be really grateful! Thanks
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    With the book presentation, if you haven't picked your book, pick one that you're quite familiar with but would actually use to teach a lesson.
    There's a discussion about some things on this page
    Also I wrote a post about this for someone else so the link to that is here

    Hope that helps!
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    Hi Beth!
    Please could you tell me about the interview? What you were asked etc? Also what was the written task about? My interview is in a few days and Winchesters my only application i got an interview for! Please help!

    Thanks Steph xxx
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    Sorry I only just got this and if your interview was in a few days when you posted it you're in it now!!!
    Good luck (even though you won't get this until after!)

    Let me know how it went....
    Sorry again!

    Beth xx
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    (Original post by Sarah2)

    I had an interview at Winchester in December, and only found out about it about 2-3 weeks before, and i sent my UCAS off start of November. But many of my friend also applying for primary school teaching haven't heard back from them yet. Also at my interview at Kingston at the start of January, quite alot of the people i spoke to hadn't heard back from them. I'm still waiting for a reply from my interview, but in a thread i read the other day they said they were interviewing in specialism.

    Hope you hear soon !
    I hope your interview went well, I'm just wondering for the presentation on the book do you get asked questions on it in front of everyone or do u just do the presentation then sit down because I really don't wanna be asked questions on the spot in front of everyone haha
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    I have an interview on Wednesday! Was wondering whether the book had to be to do with your specialism or just an area of study you pick. Also what is the writing task like? So nervous! x
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    emilie146 i have my interview on wednesday too! where it says make a short presentation to a small group, do we do that at the interview or before hand? i dont think the book has to with your specialism in particular but something that you can cross over into other subjects?
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    I think prepare it. Thanks I don't think it's your specialism either!
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    I also have an interview on wednesday, but my specialism is SEN (special educational needs) so i am unsure how to do the presentation? x


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