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Diary Of A Bad Man

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    Watch Smokey's Barbers.

    Another comedy sketch featuring Humza.

    Too funny :rofl:

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    Humza did the right thing. :yy:
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    (Original post by Vampire-Love4ever)
    Humza did the right thing. :yy:
    Wrong thing you mean.
    Criticising a Scholar, is not really going to get him fans is it.
    And what was the need to say 'i can say soo much about you, but i'm not going to....it's all for publicity stunt'.
    He needs to get used to of haters, cos that's how it is. The real worlds just hit him hard, and he can't take it, and had to do a response. He can't make a response for every hate he gets.Most people didn't even know about the hate video, until he put that vid worldwide. Plus like you can tell he were being all fake, with the sharwani, and with the 'mashallahs, and inshallahs'.

    Don't get me wrong, i didnt agree with the Ex-gang making a vid as well. If they had a problem, they shoulda gone up to him, and spoke about it. Not cause hatred through the net. And plus there are far worse off people, than him, that they need to pin point. Because Humza's intentions weren't to 'mock' islam, but to show, that we can be down to earth people.

    Anyways us northerners like this jowka as well!
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    Loved the videos
    Made me crack up so much :L
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    hes back with one pound fish man
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    Yeeeeeea Boiiiii! The WOOLLY HAT just makes his look complete!
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    (Original post by Iqbal007)
    hes back with one pound fish man]
    Allow your london comedy :hand:
    Northern jokes are where it's at

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    (Original post by DontJudge)
    Allow your london comedy :hand:
    Northern jokes are where it's at

    waaaaaaay toooo much swearing.........plus one pound fish man went to x-factor and to the Bangla mela loooooooooooooool

    Plus look at the view differents haha
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    I'm not even asain but dang, he makes me laugh!
    The best bit was the rap battle between humza and the mom.... :rofl3:
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    (Original post by This Honest)
    I'm not even asain but dang, he makes me laugh!
    The best bit was the rap battle between humza and the mom.... :rofl3:
    Truss!! "you ain't no badman your a wasteman"
    loooooooooooooooooooooool < parring myself here seeing as how im a paki :P
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    Just released

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    OMG this is the first time i got quite emotional after watching a DOAB!
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    loooool yeah it got quite sad at da end.
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    Oh man, i kinda had tears at my eye
    Epic start though loved the rap but how did the mum get injured? The black guy just shoved her? :confused:
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    His my mates, cousin and yeah his stuff is sort of died down after Ep 4...
    his not that funny, its mostly 12 year old comedy now.
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    He's hilarious. I love his videos. They kind of inspired me to create my own youtube channel but i'm no way near as funny as him.

    My channel is www.youtube.com/zaynabzone.

    Please check it out and please leave me some honest feedback.

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    I stopped watching him...

    Above all, he shouldn't depict women the way he does. His portrayal of women is disgusting.

    EDIT: Watch the video with an open mind.


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Updated: September 10, 2013
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